Sunday, March 21, 2010



B-dazled crocs

You would think that after attaching 23,000 beads, bangles and bows to my art car, B-Dazle, I would have thought of something exciting to do with my beloved crocs wouldn’t you?

B-dazle-art car with 23,000 beads

It took Lisa, from Eclectic Visions, to trigger the idea for B-dazzling my crocs. Now, I must tell you, this was no small job. If my shoe size was an adorable size 6, it would have been a lot easier. But, at size 11 (I am just short of 6’ tall so I need a good “understanding.”) it did take me a considerable amount of time.

Another view of b-dazled crocs

I used the same glue I used on B-dazle, which is an aquarium glue and waterproof. I attached simple beads purchased at one of the craft stores. I didn’t want to add anything jangly because I knew it would just get in the way, you know, like swatting flies. I wear the crocs as slippers and to my swimming classes. And, of course, I drive B-dazle down to the Farmer’s Market in Roanoke where I sell my work, so my new crocs will be a perfect match!

B-Dazle and matching crocs

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  1. Those are wonderful and so fun! :) Love your car and the crocs are perfect. Aquarium glue...I never thought of using that. Great idea for anything that will be outdoors I guess.

  2. Aquarium glue - that is nothing short of genius! I love my crocs so much (wearing them now actually) that I'm just going to have to try this one Cheryl. Jules x

  3. What fabulous crocs! And the car is astounding. I say embellish whatever you can and yes what a great idea using aquarium glue- I will have to try that for some fabric and bead uses. What a fun and inspirational post... and thank you for your lovely comments- they keep me going!

  4. hi, Linda here, I am so glad I inspired you to have a play at decorating your crocs, they look great!

  5. these are the MOST SPECTACULAR shoes ever, no kidding!!!
    And I know my shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What great crocs! and what patience!! I just have those plain old ones, with no dazzle, lol. But you sure dazzled me! wow!

  7. These are SO much fun! My husband says I must be part crow, because I adore sparkly blingy things so much!

  8. OMG! Your embellished crocs are beyond fabulous!!! I can just imagine wearing them in the sunshine!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  9. Anything B-Dazzeled is a good thing. How fun and I would love to wear these!


  10. Very kewl, they are awesome.

  11. You know, I'm not a huge fan of crocs, but I have to say that your's rock! Love them! So fun!



  12. I'm stunned and amazed. Your crocs and that car! You should be designing for Bedazzled. These are unbelievable.

  13. I am not a Crocs fan..BUT,,those I dig !! hah And of course the car is amazing..everytime I see it I am in awe !

  14. Cool crocs! Thanks for your comments on my blog - very sweet of you. In reading your bio I saw that you're from Warren - I lived in Youngstown until I was 9, then we moved to Salem where my family still has a house - Very cool to meet another Ohioan. Even though I live in Maine now, I'm always thought of as "From Away" so I'll still claim to be an Ohioan!

  15. Visiting your blog for the first time.
    WOW, fabulous shoes ... my garden shoes could use just such a splendid makeover!
    And the car now that is a beauty!!!
    When we drive down to visit our son at VA Tech, hopefully I can catch the Farmer's Market and see your creativity in person some time!
    You look like quite a chef too! Bravo!
    Brightest of Springtime Blessings to you and yours!

  16. OH I lomve to have these shoes. Can you imagine, me on this shoes in our hameau, or going to the postoffice with my dog Rosa.......

  17. Fantastic, magnificent, WOW, love these!!!


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