Thursday, March 4, 2010



"There is a fine line between genius and insanity..I have erased this line." Philosophy Angel

What is there about dolls that keep grown up women so intrigued. I posed this question to Sue McMahon of Susie McMahon Dolls. Her answer was, “ I have a few theories about why dolls are so compelling to do with tactility, approachability and expression! Theories are's just plain fun.”

So, that’s it. We are having fun. With that in mind, I decided with today’s Philosophy Angel to do just that. I named her “There is a fine line between genius and insanity, I have erased that line.” You know, I’ve been using this saying on my dolls for years and I don’t know where it originated. I must look it up because I love it. I believe this is true, especially of artists. We create. Our whole purpose of existence seems to be to produce. What compels us to do this? Insanity indeed.

This whimsical look I’m giving my dolls is a real break through for me. For years and years, I have been creating sculptures to accompany the stories I write. The stories are metaphysical in some cases, spiritual in others. A few are lighthearted. It didn’t seem right to have their faces convey anything other than mystery, love, peace etc… Suddenly, I’m putting smiles on their faces.

Close-up of "There is a fine line..."

Do the smiles that they display convey a happier me? Maybe. I’ve been through a lot in my life (haven’t we all) and maybe I’m getting to a place of contentedness now. Maybe I’m relaxing a bit (not really!) I remember my father saying to me one day. “ Honey, just remember, no matter how bad you have it, someone else in the world has it much worse than you do.” I said. “Dad, it was me they were talking about!” I think the dolls are my way of disappearing into a bit of fantasy once in awhile. They act as a little reprieve from the day to day happenings. I am so glad and lucky to be able to escape from time to time in this manner. I am also fortunate to have chosen “art” to be my companion in life…or did it choose me?

Oh, this one really wants to escape!

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  1. This made me smile, as did your previous post about your French dinner. I love the colors on the doll, as well as the quote. It's very thought provoking.

  2. The whimsical exuberance of this doll is fabulous! I love pieces that 'speak' to us
    and make us feel - your's do that.


  3. Have you seen the TED lecture by Elizabeth Gilbert where she talks about how ancient people believed we all had a familiar - a genius - who was our Muse/creative. She talks a lot about genius and madness. It's a wonderful lecture, worth a look!

  4. This is so wonderful, I LOVE her face. And as artists, aren't we so lucky to be able to escape the real world for a bit while our muses guide us toward whatever creative paths they think we should be on no matter how insane it might seem.....

  5. So whimsical and lovely. I love making paper dolls and always loved them as a child. I started making mthe mpaper dolls just a few months ago and it is addicting! LOL

  6. She is so color and delighful Cheryl.
    I just adore the quote.
    Enjoy your day.
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx

  7. I am so glad "Wrightstuff" recommended Elizabeth Gilbert's speech on genius and insanity. Her talk is excitingly moving and is right on target with what I have always believed concerning muses. I call this rushing of creativity the creative force or the creative spirit. Gilbert is the woman who wrote "Eat, Pray Love." If you are an artist, this video will make your day! Thankyou so very much for recommending!

  8. I think it's wonderful that you are now creating these happy, smiling faces at this stage of your journey. The Philosopy Angel is truly jumping for joy. She made me smile immediately! Off now to check out the Elizabeth Gilbert speech.... x

  9. Cheryl so nice we were featured together on Stephanie's blog. That was so fun.
    Your art work is just amazing and really enjoy it.
    Your book is so lovely too and I don't think BLUE Alice will ever make it to print.LOL That was so sweet of you to mention.
    Enjoy your day. Hugs Laura. xoxx

  10. Thank you so much Chelby. I believe. I have faith. He is such a good person.

    I am sure with your prayers and positive energy he is closer to survive and surpass this.

    People like you warm my heart and make me believe even more.




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