Saturday, February 27, 2010



"Soaring Spirit" Paper Art Doll

Look what has happened! The paper art dolls are taking on lives of their own. I am just the follower. This happens to me a lot in my art. I have a definite idea in mind as to what I want to create and then, “poof” something (or someone) else emerges stating that this is exactly who they want to be.

I had to laugh at the comment from Susan at Artsparker. She said my silhouette pictures of the paper dolls, look like I captured a fairy. And she was right! They almost look like they are wiggling and wanting to break free. I wonder what it would be like to catch a fairy for real? Or should I say a real fairy.

Silhouette of "Soaring Spirit"

Soaring Spirit

A voice first it seemed to be a
Murmur. Quietly it expressed the thought..
"Take your power now."
As the days passed, it became increasingly
Louder until it became as a roar, vibrating her
Entire being.. "Take your power now.!" She
Began to reexamine her life. So much time
Had passed, and in all that time she had
Remained spiritually deaf and blind. She had
Not heard..She had not seen...and the voice
Continued speaking to her..resonating
Throughout every cell in her body..electrifying
To the inner core of her soul until she had no
choice but to listen.."Take your power now."
It continued. "For you have given your life
To others and in that giving, you have emptied
Yourself. It is only when you are empty that you
Can truly be full and free to live".....

~Cheryl Dolby~

Soaring Spirit story can be found in my book, She Who Whispers.

I sculpted a smililng face for her and used felted paper for her body and hair. The piece that sparked my interest to create her in the first place was the beaded hair barette that I had stashed away in my studio, just waiting for Soaring Spirit to be born.

Close-up of "Soaring Spirit"

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  1. Oooo, I love this one too! Your art dolls are just so much like candy to me, I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite- I think I'm hooked!
    And your friend was right, the photos do look like you captured a fairy.....

  2. Oh, to think that this beautiful creature began with a hair barrette!!! She's gorgeous and full of joy! Hugs, Terri

  3. Just had to check her out. She is gorgeous. I can now see a great use for some of my hand dyed fabric. You are SUCH an inspiration.

  4. I may just have to purchase your book!

  5. Oh she is such fun, she looks joyful! Just what I need. I've just posted about my wonderful Sacred Book Keeper at last Cheryl. So sorry it's taken me a few days - having a few domestic issues this weekend! x

  6. Oh she is wonderful, love her.

  7. Cheryl these paper dolls do look like a captured fairy,really unique.I love this new paper doll, you have discovered a new style of art.
    Really wonderful.
    Hugs, Laura.

  8. Cheryl your book looks so magical,I have to give it some real thought? I know be a book to really change the way you look at life.
    Really positive....
    Can you share more details about your book ?
    How much is shipping to Canada ?
    Hugs, Laura.


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