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"Morning Song"


My story, “Morning Song” came to mind as I added the finishing touches to this original stoneware clay sculpture. She has a look of longing in her eyes, as though she is remembering times long ago. She is part of a series I call "Daughters of Antiquity."

I used items found in my studio that I had saved, seemingly, just for her. Wherever I travel, I search the back streets for unusual items that I tuck away for just the right application. I adorned Morning Song with a Murano glass piece that I brought back from Venice. It was actually the top of a pen that had broken on the transit back. I found an Indian copper bell that fit her to a T.

While visiting friends in Hollywood, California, I was lucky enough to go to the Hollywood Flea Market. What fun this was. There was everything imaginable for sale there, even models walking around with feathered bras for sale! I found a copper piece a Mexican man was crafting there at the market. It blends perfectly with the colors in the garment, which is an old ethnic looking dress. I have a lot of beadwork hanging from my studio windows and the green and blue strand of beads I found there seemed perfect for her.

Studio window, full of beads

Here is her story.

“ Morning Song”

She woke up this morning feeling different.
She heard the sounds of this morning and
yet the sounds of many other lifetime mornings
were returning. She heard the infinite sound
of distant runic bells, a call to alms, merchants
voices echoing over the river Nile, sheep
bleating on a pastoral hillside, roosters, guns,
flutes, chimes, laughter, weeping..for she had
heard all these mornings and she had heard
all these sounds before. It was as if they were
all becoming one great great
morning..this morning....and she knew that all
the returns of mornings purpose was to teach
her the uniqueness and significance of this
morning...of now.

~Cheryl Dolby~

Close up of Morning Song sculpture, part of "Daughter of Antiguity" series

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  1. Cheryl..she is beautiful!!! Love all the bead work too. I just love your work!!!


  2. She is gorgeous! Love how you incorporate all the found items.

  3. Cheryl, I love the emotion and feeling behind this piece and the overall presentation she makes is stunning.


  4. She is just so lovely Cheryl. I love the way in which you create your faces, they seem to perfectly epitomise youth,age and wisdom, exactly how I imagine the face of a goddess would look!

  5. Gosh, she's really magical - there's a sense of something deep within her.

  6. Wow.. that is amazing work! She is stunning. Say.. My good bloggy friend Lisa (Froggy) ..I didn't realize she knew you and I was telling her about you..hah

  7. Magical and magnificent! Sometimes things just come together.

  8. She has such a contented beauty to her. A wonderful creation xJ

  9. What a wonderful creation. I'm speechless.

  10. Cheryl she is totally dazzling!!
    I adore your art work so very much...
    You rock big time,such a pleasure viewing your art work. Such a peaceful spirit "Morning Song".
    Your so creative....
    Thank you for sharing, can't wait to see what is next.
    Hugs, Laura. xoxx

  11. She is stunning. I love her story too. She is very serene.


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