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My parents, Jane and Jim Galloway

It was 1942 and World War II was in full swing. My father, who was a romantic and an artist, sent letters from Europe to the entire family. My parents were married on Valentine’s Day so the letters he sent to her were very special.

Love letter written to my mother from my father

The love letters are beautiful. My father‘s handwriting was of a scrolled calligraphy- artistic and elegant. He drew and painted all the pictures on them, even though he had little to work with as far as materials go. He had trouble finding anything but a few colored pencils. If you would like to see more of the letters, please click here. He not only sent these letters to my mother, but to the entire family. The letter to his father is especially poignant.

Letter written from my father to his father

Through the years, my father brought my mother chocolate candy each Valentine’s Day. I am dedicating this post to their love and also to my love of chocolate. So…here is my favorite recipe for Chocolate Truffles. It has been in my family for many years and Valentine’s Day would not be the same without them. Hope you enjoy!

(Click to enlarge recipe)

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  1. Such a wonderful love story. Romance needs to be revived. True romance xJ

  2. What a sweet story. I enjoyed this very much and your Dad's handwriting is really amazing. It would look great on plates and bowls (don't know why I think of such an unlikely thing as plates though!) Thanks for sharing this!

  3. An absolutely lovely tribute to your parents
    I wish my parents would have had such a sweet romance. I always love hearing sweet memories like this!

  4. How wonderful that you still have these letters from your father. What a treasure!
    Your chocolate truffle recipe looks very similar to an Elizabeth David one that I love to make - very rich, smooth and oh! so chocolatey!
    I'm going to have to come back when it is not so late at night and read some of your back-posts
    Hugs, Susie in Tasmania


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