Thursday, August 20, 2009




Lifeguard chair placed on deck above the Woodloft Vineyard (16 vines)

I received a request to move the lifeguard chair to the vicinity of where it will be permanently placed. That was a very good idea. I left it up above on the deck, near my studio, so that I could work on it there but it makes more sense to have it situated where it will remain throughout the year. When I moved the chair, I found that it was lighter than I expected. Since It is so light and since I am at such a high altitude here in the mountain and it could easily be blown away by a strong wind, I used waxed linen and tied it to the rails. ( I don’t know what I would do without waxed linen, I use it for so many things.

It looks a bit like a white albatross sitting here among the dark green woods and brown deck.

Last, but not least, my third place prizes

Sunflower cake pan

Sunflower dish (for serving Sunflower cake)

Mandarin Poppy Seed exfoliating massage bath bar

Sweet and Smoky spice rub

Watermint body butter

I’m anxious to hear all of your ideas and to get started on refurbishing this treasure. Remember, you only have till Monday evening, the 24th, to submit your suggestion. Perhaps you will be one of the winners!

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  1. How about this? To weight it down, you could scuplt a sea lioness for the lifeguard and then on the next shelf down, scuplt a set of books for her to read with a garden sign, "Swim like you want to swim around the world" and then on the bottom shelf a nice mosaic planter. Hanging off one of the arms could be a weatherproof coat for winter.

  2. p.s. in my hurry to post my prize winning entry (remember I HAVE to have the Spirit Pin prize) I misspelled sculpt.

  3. Idea #2. instead of a figure, make a sign at the top in nautical lettering: RESERVED FOR LIFEGUARDS AND ANGELS. Drape colorful prayer flags like long the wide. Make small wooden wings in Mexican style color and attach to chair back. For the second shelf have a life preserver with Woodloft Rescue Team and at the bottom some pails for children.

    Idea #3 Make a wooden sign to put in the seat which reads, "GONE TO CITY MARKET." Then on the other shelves and at the bottom put some of your products.


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