Thursday, August 6, 2009



The first annual Crown Jewel Silent Art Auction was held last night at Center in the Square Gallery. About thirty artists participated, contributing seventy-five works of art.

Sal Corral acted as the master of ceremonies.

I was amazed and delighted that Sal Corral had such a profound understanding of the work of each and every one of the artists who participated in our auction. He introduced us and asked us to tell a bit about ourselves. Sal will be leaving Roanoke in September to study in London. We certainly will miss him.

Catherine Devine’s magical painting

Jim Sears and Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson purchased one of Catherine Devine's magnificent paintings from president of the Center, Jim Sears. Jim is downsizing but was very reluctant to let this painting go.

Marino and Freda Colmano

We had some interesting guests from all corners of the world. Marino Colmano was here from San Franciso. He is originally from Italy and has come to the valley to live for a while. I viewed his website at and was amazed at his fabulous cinematography and photography.

Peter Fitzgibbon

Peter Fitzgibbon, a guitarist specializing in jazz and fusion, provided the evening's musical entertainment. Peter can be reached at

Various works of art ready for auctioning

Trish Foutz checks in and is given bid number

Debi Stump with Deborah Goglia, founder of gallery at Center in the Square

Merideth serves wine

Seafood Tortellini Salad and Cranberry Pecan "Whip Her Ups"

Guests listen to introduction

Sumptuous buffet

Guests mingled and discussed the works presented. Bids were made. Food and wine were consumed, and everyone agreed that the night was a complete success!

The bidding closes on Saturday at 5:00. We hope many more people will take the opportunity to bid on some wonderful works of art at very low prices!

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