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Lifeguard chair "left by the beach fairies"

When I pulled into the driveway a few days ago, I was surprised to find an unusual item left on my front deck. It was a lifeguard chair! Did the beach fairies get lost and accidentally leave the chair in a mountainous setting instead of by the sea by mistake? After contemplating this strange phenomenon, I figured it out. It had to have been left by my neighbors, the Robertsons.

Sidegate entrance into the courtyard

Close up of Jean's wire and metal sculpture

Jean and her husband Bob, have the most fanciful, imaginative garden I’ve ever seen, including any that have appeared in national magazines. I figured they must have found the chair somewhere and thought of me. They fessed up to the deed, said they had hauled it all the way from Richmond just for me. They just knew I needed it for my pool area. I am grateful to have such considerate neighbors and grateful to have such a gem to work with. I am now left with the nagging thought of ‘what to do to spiff it up.’

Six foot tall sculpture of goddess inside courtyard

Courtyard includes stained glass and sculpture

I took a walk through Jean’s garden yesterday, trying to drum up some ideas or at least gain inspiration as to how to approach refurbishing my newly acquired sculpture.

I am greeted by the hardwood birdhouses Jean creates

Every single inch of this garden provides a vista that relaxes, yet revitalizes you at the same time. To walk along the path makes you feel as though you have just entered a nature retreat. Jean is a sculptor and makes use of discarded items, garage sale finds and flea market treasures. She says she can’t stand to see any item go to the dump when she knows it can be turned into a treasure. And..treasures abound in the Robertson garden.

Garden path leading to aviary and waterpond

Water pond featuring koi and exotic water plants

Another view of the water pond with more of Jean's amazing sculpture

Purple vessels and statuary reflect a monastery atmosphere

Jean's handcrafted clay fish bird feeders add whimsy

Metal sculpture of man and pink guitar

I love the almost life size metal horse sculpture

Birdhouses Jean created using porch columns

Bottle tree

Sculptures are tucked into areas along the many paths

Mosaic of woman guarding plants

Before leaving this magical garden, I must comment on the birds I saw flitting from one of Jean's many feeders to the other. The sound of the water, the birds melody and the light breeze gently coaxing the chimes to ring put me in a meditative state. I found it hard to leave this haven. The photos I have shown do not do justice to this charming garden. One has to walk the path, hear the song and feel the ambiance to fully appreicate it's worth.

Sculpture Jean recycled from fence pickets

The Robertsons listed their home for sale a few weeks ago. I will be so sorry to see them go but will always remember the spark they added to our neighborhood. Their telephone number is 540-776-6568 for anyone interested.

Another small garden room

In honor of Jean and Bob’s gift to me and because I have been blogging for four months now and want to celebrate that experience, I have decided to have a contest and a giveaway. To provide you with a little hint, it will be a contest involving the lifeguard chair. Tune in for my next post. I will explain all about the contest and show pictures of all the wonderful gifts I have planned for the winner.

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  1. What a beautiful place. Can't wait to see what you do with the lifeguard chair. :)

  2. Yours is the perfect garden for these gifts. I love the "high" chair. It reminds me of a giraffe, my favorite animal b/c of its serene lofty above it all air.

  3. Love it! I'm especially impressed with the pond. We used to have plants, lily pads, etc. but the bandit racoon sliced them all up before he ate all our koi!


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