Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goddess Magic Cream


After spending so many years sculpting, I never expected to become a chemist -- and I'm not really. Yet, when I start concocting my Goddess Magic Cream, I feel like Madam Curie. It all started with some beautiful, amazing glass jars with wooden lids. Immediately I thought of putting my clay faces on top of them and adorning them with unusual items such as old keys, bits of turquoise, ancient looking artifacts. The first tops I created had beadwork around the faces, which was rather Native American looking. During the last two years, I have tried to make them look mysterious and ethnic, but not all Native American. The end result is faces that look like they were resurrected from another time.

So then I had to figure out what to place inside the jars. Teas? Herbs? Spices? No. Naturally, I had to pick something much harder. As I’m prone to do when I get interested in something, I spent the best part of two years in research and development of a cream I hoped would put all others on the market to shame. I struggled with online tutorials of cosmetic making and bought many books on the subject. Finally, I locked into a formula that I was proud of. One ingredient I studied and added to formula is emu oil. This is an incredible lipid replenishing ingredient. It assists other ingredients in their trans-dermal penetration. It has been used in Australia for thousands of years as a remedy for skin disorders such as psoriasis and dry skin. It also is believed to have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can penetrate the skin. But most importantly, it is used for muscle and joint pain. Combined with shea butter, it absolutely glides over your skin. I chose to use Lavender essential oil for the scent after trying many other scents and combinations. Lavender acts as a calming agent that promotes restful sleep and helps relieve headaches.

I learned so many things while experimenting with the cream. One thing that surprised me was reading about 'angel dusting.' The cosmetic companies have to place on their labels the names of any ingredients that have placed into the creams, no matter how small an amount that may be. This is intended to help people avoid ingredients to which they are sensitive or allergic. But it also allows the companies to include on their labels tiny amounts of panthenol, glycerin and other beneficial ingredients in that are present in quantities too small to have any real benefit.

Here is what my customers have told me. Yes, these are real testimonials -- sort of like the old time salesmen who stood on the soap box selling their snake oil. But my repeat sales of the cream tell the story. People love it!


"I rubbed the Goddess Magic Cream on my feet at night and placed them in socks. The next morning, my feet were smooth and my calluses were almost gone!"

"Cheryl, you need to open a cosmetic company! This cream actually made my pores become smaller and everyone is telling me I look great!"

"I keep it under my pillow at night so that it is never far away while I sleep. If I wake up during the night, I apply more to my neck; I always immediately fall back asleep and have heavenly dreams."

"I went to the beach and broke out in horrible hives. The pharmacist told me to try 'this and that' and I was still a mess. Not wanting to go to the doctor, I thought I'd try some of your cream, Cheryl, on my neck and chest and face. Previously, I had used it only as a hand cream; I didn't think you could put it on your face. When I did, I was very surprised that within the hour, all the hives had disappeared! You've really got something here."

These are but a few. I'm really too old to get into the cosmetic field now, and I have no desire to limit myself to one thing. So, I give my formula away to anyone who buys the cream. All ingredients are listed on the scroll included with each cream. Whoever heard of a cosmetic entrepreneur giving her secret formula away?

Oh, by the way – I forgot to mention the real secret ingredient – holy water from Lourdes, France. Two summers ago, my granddaughter, Alli, and I traveled to France. We collected water from the famous grotto of St. Bernadette to give as souvenirs. The water reputedly heals many illnesses. Someone suggested that I include the water in my cream. Here is a real mystery. Even though I have placed 2 T. of the holy water in each ‘batch’ of cream, after 2 years I still have holy water. Just as I finish one of the bottles, another recipient of souvenir water gives it back to me. I wonder how much longer I’ll have the water. Maybe I’ll be forced to go back to France to get more! Poor me.

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  1. How beautiful the star, the clockworks, and the butterfly, a reflection of the wonderful art you do.


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