Monday, April 20, 2009



It's hard to believe how excited I become when I make my weekly journeys to Happy's Flea Market. This is where I find the items that catalyze my creations. Today did not disappoint me.

This assortment may look like useless odds and ends, but before the summer is over, I'll turn them into works of art (at least I hope to).

Printer's ink stamps and box

An Indian shawl

Middle Eastern pipe

Ancient geometry notes

Egyptian blouse

Small cedar box

Old hard bound text

Reproduction painting

Receipts dated 1938

I already have a lot of ideas for these items and I'll be sure to show you when they are finished.

There are hundreds of vendors each week at Happy's.

William Myers of Pampered Plants Greenhouse, is a regular with his
vegetables and flowers. He has the most amazing heirloom tomatoes.

Pampered Plants Greenhouse William Myers
Landscaping Services
2739 Rockwood Park Rd, Basset, Va. 24055
Bus: (276) 629-3997
Cell: (276) 252-3997

Ric Hartgrove Mill Creek Farm, Boones Mill, Va.

What a beautiful selection of fresh eggs Ric always has available.

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