Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Before and After

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I've decided that it may be entertaining for those of you who are interested in my art to actually see the beginning and end result of some of the pieces I create. I'll call this segment of my blogging BEFORE and AFTER.

On Sunday I grouped together several items that I had purchased from Happy's, my local flea market. I showed an old box that had alphabet stamps inside.

Remember this group of items?



I painted the distressed box with acrylic paint. I then used a plain clay tile and covered it with a limestone and sand mortar. I waited for it to dry and then drew and painted a face into the mortar with acrylic. I added tiles in a mosaic fashion and large ball feet.

It's hard to believe the transformation. It looks easy right? Not so. There are many steps an artist must take inbetween the before and the after. It is that time inbetween that makes the creation come alive.


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Seen here is one of my Gypsy Woman Journals. You can see in the before image that I had already started the journal. The preparation to that point entailed about 5 different steps. In the After, I simply added the ribbon to the spine, glued on my original clay face that I had sculpted earlier and added the old watch part, the brass work and bead work. If you would like a better description of my journal, check out my etsy shop at the link above.

I hope to tackle some of the other items pictured from the Happy's trip soon.

In tomorrow's blog, I am going to talk about the incredible time I spent with the Hopi Indian tribe from Polacca, Arizona.

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