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Crone number 1 Years Ago I Collected African Trade Beads. I Have Quite a Few Left So Used Them Plus an Ancient Looking Bell and of Course Horsehair Taken From the Tail.

Sold. Thank you Sally!

I absolutely love creating my crone series. Through the years, I have collected a lot of unusual materials for my work and now I’m digging into the reserves and finding some great embellishments. I am showing 4 crones and gave a description under each one of the materials I have used. Here is her story, for those who missed the last post.


Winged woman of flight.. the all-mother of humanity.. wise soothsayer Goddess Or hag. Her eyes burn with the wisdom of antiquity.. Her voice murmurs a truth that cannot be heard by the unreceptive masses.. She has passed through the great change and she lives on to rewrite the burned chronicles of ..Her Story. She allows each wrinkle to act as voice to proclaim and reclaim her power.

~Cheryl Dolby~

Crone Number 2 Features a Beautiful Piece of Crystal and Very Old Pendant That Came From India (quite expensive as I recall)

Crone Number 3 I Used an Unusual Pendant on the Top of Her Head Which Shows An Egyptian with A Snake on Her Head. I Have No Memory of Where I Got This Piece. It Also Has Some Lettering That Spells Out D O F I. If Anyone Knows What it Stands for I Would Love To Find Out.

Sold. Thank you Sally!

Crone Number 4 Has An Interesting Pendant in Purple, Not Very Old But The Purple Beadwork On Her Head is Quite Old.

Hanger Included on Back

They are for sale for just $32. Remember, even though they look big as life on the screen, they are very small. Would look good in any special nook or altar of your home. Size is only 3" w x 6" high approx. but they pack a big punch!

If you are interested in purchasing. Pleased e-mail me and we can go from there. I take personal checks or Paypal.

Thanks so much for viewing.

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