Thursday, May 7, 2015



Oceana Burning Bowl

I just finished two new burning bowls that I think you will like. The first one is called “Oceana.” I used a conch shell necklace along with several other shells that I had been saving for her. She is 5" wide x 6" deep x 10"high.

Close-Up Oceana

Oceana Back

The second burning bowl is of Frida. I always love creating Frida. She was so vibrant and of course loved her flowers. I used several antique pins as her headpiece. She is one of my originals in stoneware clay. I used stained glass for the basin. She is a bit smaller than Oceana. She is 4" x 4" x 8" high.

Frida Burning Bowl

Close-Up Frida

Back Frida

On to Beauty. I was lamending about a beautiful pot I had mosaiced years ago. It always looked charming in the garden. Last year, I forgot or rather neglected to bring it inside. We had a very cold winter with sub zero temperatures and the terra cotta under the tiles buckled. End result was that the tiles peeled away little by little. At first I was disappinted but when I looked closer, I found the terra cotta had a beautiful coating of green mold growing on the outside. It looks as though it has been sitting in a forgotten garden for ages now and I have grown to love the look. Just proof that if you are unhappy with the way something in life looks on the outside, peer a little closer. There may be untold beauty within.

The two featured Burning Bowls are $68. each. I accept Paypal or personal check. You can e-mail me and we can go from there. Thank you so much.

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  1. Your burning bowls are beautiful as is the mosaic pot. Yes the green looks wonderful. Hope all is okay with you and I'm looking forward to one of your foodie posts. I love it when you cook for us.:) Take care amiga.

  2. You have gone & done it again. Two more lovely ladies have entered our world of goddess'. I just love the back view of oceana. The shell puts me in mind of an old fashion ladies umbrella. xoxox lol

  3. The EXPRESSION on Oceana's face, and the COLORS on Frida...I LOVE...they are both HEALING EMOTIVE vessels with such vulnerability! xo

  4. Two more amazing beauties Cheryl, they're fantastic! I love the aged look of your garden mosaic too xx

  5. Oceana and Frida are both so, so beautiful!
    And ... beauty within ... oh, my, yes. What a sweet reminder you and your gorgeous pot have offered up to us all!


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