Tuesday, April 28, 2015



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Sold. Thank you so much Alicea!

Close-Up of Crystals

She raises her head high and feels the power flowing through her crystals as they reach toward the light, all the while transmitting white light energy.

She feels the vibrations as her body accepts the healing power mirrored from the sacred stones of ancient cultures in a time she vagely, yet intuitively remembers.

She knows the stones are empowered with elements that transform the spirit and she surrounds herself with with these sacred objects to guard herself from negativity and allows the energy to flow through her mind and soul as she cleanses, renews and heals herself.

Cheryl Dolby

After finishing my crystal Burning Bowl I wrote the Crystal Healer poem. I felt a need to do a cleansing and ceremony with her to banish the very negative energy I encountered from a troubled person recently. I knew I needed the healing powers of crystal to assist in my ceremony. She has done her job well and now I present her to you for sale. Crystal Healer is an original and is 5 "wide x 4 1/2 " deep and 9" high. She features 3 beautiful quartz crystals. She is $68. I am hoping she will find a home with a loving and caring person. You can e-mail me if you would like to purchase. I take Paypal or personal checks. Thank you for visiting.

Close-Up of Face

Close-Up of Base


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  1. Good morning. She is beautiful.

  2. Lovely ! She has such a serene face and is so very feminine.

  3. She is beautiful and yes she does have a serene face. Always wonderful work. Have a wonderful day Cheryl. I'm off to pack a few things. Take care.

  4. I hope that she before she left you, will give you lots of energy and positive feeling.

  5. I just LoVeD reading the poetry of the Crystal Healer. So beautiful and her message resonated. Deeply.

  6. RESONATES throughout the world; your work, your words, your BEAUTIFUL LOVE LIGHT! XOXO

  7. She is absolutely beautiful!


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