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Front View

Sold. Thank you Leslie!

I’ve long been fascinated by gypsy caravans. As a matter of fact, I was lucky enough to come upon one while in England a few years ago. If you would like to look at my posting of it, please click here. If you have a gypsy spirit, I think you will immensely enjoy that particular post, especially the u-tube of Gypsy Vardo Wagon.

I’m at it again with this gypsy sculpture I am naming Zigana. Here is her story:



A storm was brewing. The Winds of change were struggling To free themselves once again. She knew she had been too long in one place. The roots of that place were starting to wrap themselves around her being, pulling and tugging at her once more. She knew it was time.

Moving on meant transformation. It meant leaving possessions, friends and sometimes family. She was no stranger to farewells. And, with each move, she knew she was leaving a part of herself behind.

Even though painful, she knew that once again she must pull back her shoulders, as if she were an obedient soldier. She must then wrap the blanket of memories around her and begin her journey as she had done so many times before. She knew she was Zigana, strong, vibrant, resilient and constant. She must begin…again.

~Cheryl Dolby~

Side View

When someone says that you have a “gypsy in your soul” what do you think they mean? It is probably not the fact that you move around a lot anymore, from home to home that is, but maybe it is because that you get restless and must venture out into the world to see something new and to learn some unforeseen lesson. Or could it be the tear that forms in your eye when you hear violin music? Whatever it is, I seem to want to capture that essence of the soulful gypsy in much of my work.

Back View

Close-Up of Beadwork

Zigana is 23” high and about 6” wide and approx 10” deep. She features a beautiful old Indian garment and lots of jangle beads including an old beaded necklace. Hope you like her. She is a bit expensive to ship but will be well worth it when you see her standing in your own caravan. You can view and read more about her on Etsy or e-mail me to purchase or for more questions. Thanks so very much for viewing.

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  1. Oh Cheryl, Zigana is absolutely beautiful! I love the story you have cultivated for her, so fitting... she looks strong like a soldier. I too, love essence of gypsy... the gypsy spirit. This is a beautiful piece.

  2. oooh this is my total favourite of all your creations, Zigano is magnificent and loving her wonderful drapes.
    Annette x

  3. Wow she is amazing. Simply beautiful. I can see and feel the emotion you put into this piece. A work of love.

  4. ...and you have captured her spirit, I say! she is stunning! I love her story and it's a definite, that I have a gypsy soul after reading your definition for now! we just might meet some day you know, GYPSY WOMAN! ox

  5. Oh; I love Zigana and what she stands for! Beautiful post!

  6. Zigana is just magnificent Cheryl. Her story fits her perfectly. Personally I have to have roots and don't deal with change very well. In any event, you've outdone yourself as always. Excellent.:) Have a wonderful week.

  7. I like Zigana and her clothes and beads.

  8. Oh my gosh ~ Zigana is BEAUtiful! I love her story. It resonates. ::sigh::

    Zigana, like all of your creations, is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow, isn't she wonderful? As I was reading your post, I realised who has gypsy spirit in our family - my husband Ben who's currently studying once again in order to move on to a new challenge - he just can't stay the same for too long! I've popped over for you with good news - you have won my magazine giveaway! I'll send you an email and then you'll be able to tell me your address... I'm so pleased you won, as your comment meant a lot to me.

  10. I came to peek at her again...still oohing...and to tell you that I loved that comment about the witches cottages ;)

  11. The beadwork is love Cheryl! I love the intricate details of the beadworks that complement her natural beauty.

  12. you truly take my breath away with your gift. you inspire & teach in a way that is truly sacred to all us women. xoxo


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