Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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Sold. Thank you Wayne!

Although I love the blue of the ocean and the blue of the sky I usually don’t decorate my home with blue. I do, however, wear blue clothing. When I was rummaging through my stash of cloth, looking for just the right material for a new piece I had formulated in my mind, I found remnants of an old cafetan that I had purchased from J. Peterman decades ago. I love the soft batiked look of the blue fabric which makes me feel it has been worn by women of some past civilization. I knew instantly that this fabric would work well for my Earthwalker Here is her story:


She arrived from infinite space of her own choice.

She brought with her only faint memories of lives lived before. In her memories of all those lives, one over-all theme seemed to prevail..the ribbon of harmony in all things.

More memories stirred and she saw herself in a distant time, placing her ear to the ground and hearing the great mother whisper to her. “Listen,” she said, “to the pulse of all life.”

All nature was speaking to her and she was prepared to listen to the language of the stones..for even the stones have voices. The outer hard surface of a stone is merely the covering and the spirit lives within..just as our bodies are only temporary houses for our souls.

She listened to the garden and with relaxed vision, she saw and heard the nature spirits respond to the commands of the Devas..and each fruit and vegetable fulfilled their promise. She listened to the stream trickle past and on to a greater end.

She was at peace and entered into the silence,and being aware of the spiritual light, she became connected to the spiritual essence and knew that all is in flow..all nature is alive..THERE IS NO DEATH..only change.

Cheryl Dolby


I used a beaded sash for her headpiece, horsehair (taken from the tail) other old fabrics and blue and a beige beaded necklace. She is 8” wide by 25” high and priced at just $79.00 Hope you like her.

I have just placed her on Etsy where you can see more views. You can also purchase from me directly by contacting me by e-mail.

Thanks so much for viewing.

Close-Up of Beads

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  1. Cheryl she is just out of this world. You are so very talented. I love how you added the "cafetan" as it is perfect for her. She is solemn and at peace. Very nice work Cheryl.:) Have a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. such BEAUTY! and your previous post that sold...she is divine and precious at the same time...I could use a lot of other descriptions, but those are what came to mind first. so love them all! ox

  3. love your earth walker and the fabric is beautiful, Annette x

  4. hello beautiful lady..stopped by to say hello.. always love to see your amazing creations...hope you are feeling great. xoxoxo Laura

  5. Beautiful and soulful earth walker! I love her! xxoo

  6. And all from seeing a piece of fabric. Beautiful!
    Hugs Lynn


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