Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Frida Burning Bowl


Frida Burning Bowl

Sold. Thank you Gloria!

I had been planning on making a Frida burning bowl for some time but wanted to add just the right embellishments. Since Frida loved color and flowers, I knew I had to find just the right ones. After searching through my stash, I found several beautiful old jewelry pieces of flowers. The one on top is a cluster of three and is a real antique made of clay. The one on the right side is of metal. I added a sparkly gem from an antique earring to her naval. She is the standard size of my burning bowls and is 5”w x 6”deep and about 10” high. She is priced at only $68.


I have created many posts of my favorite Mexican icon- Frida. You can view one of them here.

Close-Up of Antique Flowers

The concept of the burning bowl came from Unity church. They use a large bowl on New Year's Eve and ask each person to write down some vice or problem they would like to leave their lives. Then, the bowl is set ablaze and the problems are gone. I decided to make smaller, more personal burning bowls that can be used as such or a candle or incense can be placed in the stained glass bowl. You can view more images of Frida at my Etsy shop or inquire at my e-mail. Hope you like her.

Side View

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  1. Hi Cheryl:)
    You know I am a Frida-lover and your Frida is glorious! Her flowered head-dress and the tilt of her head all remind me of Frida the Art Goddess. ♥♥♥

  2. Oh Cher....Your Frida is amazing!! I love all of your work but I do believe this one is my favorite. I love the idea of the burning bowl and I think that it is something that if you believe it will work...it will.


  3. Hi Cheryl. I'm here and love her. Beautiful work. Hmmmm-going to send you email. Be right back.

  4. Okay I will wait on your reply. Thanks.

  5. ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE darlin'. just stunning, she shall be snapped up!
    Thank you for leaving a message Cheryl, esp. when there isn't much there, and I haven't visited hardly anyone else.
    Keep it up with such beauty, I treasure mine from you, just deeply, oxox

  6. Hi Cheryl..pure wowness...your Frida is absolutely magical and magnificent..such presence and beauty..you are such a special soul and amazing creatrix!
    Blessings and sparkles

  7. Lovely concept. Love the flowers.

  8. She is beautiful, congratulations on the sale as well.


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