Wednesday, August 14, 2013



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Side View

When I finished this piece yesterday, I tried naming her but every time I did, I had to start over. She looks as though she is Native American, yet, I see Italian, Slovak, Greek, Egyptian, African and practically every nationalty in the world. I wrote a story called “Morning Song” that seems to fit. She represents every woman..she is universal and timeless.


“ Morning Song”

She woke up this morning feeling different. She heard the sounds of this morning and yet the sounds of many other lifetime mornings were returning. She heard the infinite sound of distant runic bells, a call to alms, merchants voices echoing over the river Nile, sheep bleating on a pastoral hillside, roosters, guns, flutes, chimes, laughter, weeping..for she had heard all these mornings and she had heard all these sounds before. It was as if they were all becoming one great great morning..this morning....and she knew that all the returns of mornings purpose was to teach her the uniqueness and significance of this morning...of now.

~Cheryl Dolby~


Morning Song is 6"w x 7"d x 13!/2"H. I used stoneware clay, which I then kiln fired and added stains and embellishments. Antique beadwork adorns her body. I have priced her at $185.00 and just listed her on Etsy.

Also, the story of Everywoman can be found at my Etsy shop in my book “Layers.

You can also contact me about either of these items by e-mail.



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  1. Stunning!
    Wonderful words too!

  2. I agree, just stunning! She is beautiful.:) Great job Cheryl!

  3. I love the faces of your women... so serene, yet so strong! xox

  4. Each more amazing than the last!x

  5. Amazing how you captured such emotion and movement in her face. Love it

  6. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for stopping by my PPF post. Thank you for the nice comment. How exciting that you are thinking of doing a Nefertiti bust. I'm sure it will be just magnificent.:) If you do, please enjoy the fun and get lost in her beauty. Take care and have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Cheryl! This time it's not just inspiring, it's moving. I feel a sense of motivation from her and the fact that you mentioned that every woman is timeless in her own ways.

  8. How incredibly perfect She is!
    From her head to her wonderfully sculpted toes.
    Your work is breath-taking and divine.


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