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Journal Page Number 1

Remember the old journals that they used to sell years ago-long before memory making journals were even thought of? Well, I made a new years resolution that after seeing so many creative journals in blogland, that I wanted to finally start my own.

Journal Page Number 2

Unfortunately, it was the New Year’s holiday and no stores were open for me to go out and purchase a spiffy journal album. Actually, I really didn’t want to buy one anyway in case I messed up. Since the creative spirit or muse hit, I knew I had to improvise. I dug through my old pictures that I keep meaning to get sorted and found several ugly old journals that must be 40 years old! They are one of a kind now since I don’t think anyone is making these outdated beauties anymore.

Old Album I found In My Studio

Here are 2 that I have finished. Oh how I wish I had good penmanship! I’ve tried writing and printing on some of my artwork before and it is unreadable! I have even taken courses in calligraphy to no avail. I was thinking of trying to write in Italian or French which would be fun but I can’t do that either. I’m taking an Italian course right now so maybe next year but for now, my scribbles will have to do.


My method for these two pages was this. On page number 1, I used a digital print of one of my original paintings and painted the background with acrylic so that it can be written on. Then, I cut out pictures from magazines and attached along with a very ancient looking key I had in studio. I painted over her hair with purple acrylic and then added a coat of sparkle translucent paint over the background making sure I didn't completely hide the musical notes and finally added Dorland's wax medium for a refined look and for protection. I love this wax.

For page number 2, I used magazine images and rubbed Never-Dull Wadding Polish to meld the images to my liking. Then I applied crackle glaze to the face and finished it off with more of the Dorland's wax.

Another Close-Up of Crackle Technique

I haven’t written on either of the pages yet (still procrastinating) so if anyone would like to make a copy of them to use in your own journaling, please feel free.

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  1. Very beautiful. Love the crackle technique and the skeleton key.

    Blessings, V.

  2. Writing in a journal is a lost art. I had given someone a leather bound journal from Italy for Christmas and they looked at me like I was nuts. LOL! Yours are almost too beautiful to write in...

  3. I LOVE these pages! And now I want to get some crackle glaze to play with in my Sistahood pages- thanks for the inspiration!
    And Happy New Year- I'm looking forward to being around a lot more. I've really missed my bloggy friends!

  4. Cher..I love these and thank you for always telling us how you did it. I always get so much inspiration when I come to visit here.


  5. Love this Cheryl. The eyes look clear thru me. do such a wonderful job on faces in any media. The crackle one is my favorite.

  6. Now you've got me wanting to get crackle glaze and Dorland Wax. Very nice job. Love the crackle look. Thanks for sharing your wonderful techniques. Happy New Year to you.

  7. Amazing portraits. I am very jealous of your crackle - mine never turns out like that!!

  8. They are beautiful, amazing start of this new year......

  9. Hi Chery, I hope you had a great new- years day, and the new year will bring you health,
    happiness and a lot of creativity, and with a little luck you could be the winner
    of my new- years giveaway. You are heartily invited to join it.
    Your journal looks very good and interesting and I love to see what you´ll create this year.

  10. Very beautiful and moving! I do love the crackle effect! xxoo Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year to you and yours!

  11. Beautiful portraits Cheryl. Wishing you a very Happy New Year, x

  12. Cheryl, you are so creative! I love both of these, however the crackle finish one is my fave - maybe because it immediately invokes such a sense of history because of the crackling?

  13. Mostly I write underneath my painting...unless it is a poem or prayer. I know it's backwards or inside out, but hiding my thoughts is something I have always done.
    Your pages are beautiful!

  14. cheryl, these are just scrumptious and deep. and i love how you shared your entire post! i have heard more than one artist share about their own handwriting as well, you'll find your own way i know! xo

  15. Beautiful, beautiful journaling Cheryl! I could look at these all day.....

  16. Love them both, but the second one is my favorite. Something about the face, love the crackle too. Wadding Polish? Dorland's Wax? Hmmm... some new things to research!

  17. Amazing Creative Cheryl,
    Happy New Year,I have missed you.
    I love your journal work,fabulous what you achieved in your creation. I love it !!
    My creative magic is back,it was gone for awhile.
    You always give me something to take away from you awesome blog. A little special piece of the clever women you are.
    Thank you.
    Wishing you a great year ahead.
    Love Laura.xoxx

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  19. Beautiful journaling but I must confess that I like the crackled one the best!

  20. Hello!
    I am your newest follower!
    And also want to say that your style of art is very unique. I love it!

    Come by my blog sometime


    Bella Bliss


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