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Full Version of Nadya Santos Doll in Windowsill

I’ve been experimenting with caged dolls again. Click here to see the first one I created. Even though a style seems to be emerging, I’m still not satisfied. I do love the aged look but I’m thinking of creating a more modern version while keeping with the history behind the dolls.

Close-up. Notice the sparkly beads at the hinges

I named my doll, Nadya, which means "hope" in Ukrainian. It's a name I just love. We will be sculpting a Santos doll in my upcoming class this summer titled, “Sculpting the Figure in Clay.” It will be interesting to see the various styles that the students will create. There is only one space left in that class. If you’d like to find out more, please click here to visit my webpage.

What I found out when I looked up the history of the Santos doll is that Santos, in Spanish, means saint. They represent a Spanish Colonial and European style and originated as copies of 17th century carvings created by priests. They were created as altars for villagers who were not able to travel a long distance to attend a church. They are a bit like Creche figures, which were created by the Italians.

The dolls were brought to Latin America and America during the Colonial age and used to help convert the Native Americans to Catholicism. The people who create the Santos dolls are called Santeros or Saint Maker. Not a bad occupation I’d say. Who wouldn’t want to be a maker of saints?

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  1. fabulous and thank you for the info, x

  2. Wow Cheryl! How tall is this doll? Is it polymer clay?

  3. *I* want to be a saint maker! This is gorgeous- you always manage to capture such SPIRIT and SOUL in your sculpting! Maybe someday, I"ll be able to come to your classes- it's definitely one of my dreams!

  4. Oh; Cheryl! She is incredible; I love her expression of peace and far away look of hope! Gorgeous! xxoo

  5. Trish Jan 19, 2017 7:53 PM
    Nadya's is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors you used for her.

  6. She is simply beautiful, especially in the setting you have placed her in. What awesome plants you have to show her off so well.

  7. Shes beautiful Cheryl. I love that I get a little history lesson when I visit!
    I agree who wouldn't like to be a maker of saints. LOL
    hugs Lynn

  8. Thank you for this Cheryl. You know I am one of your many fans. :) Aside from getting amazed to your great craftmanship, I always look forward in reading your posts because I always learn something new.

  9. Defiantly all you Cheryl! She is glorious. It feels so good to be here at you nice warm blog. I've been away too long and had to catch up. I love tempeh, and you are right, cut it like bacon looks. That sandwich creation sounds exactly like something I would make...a masterpiece that is never the same way twice. It's so exciting to see your class filled up already! ♥♥♥

  10. What a beauty!! I adore all of your sculpts and I really enjoy learning about new things. I didn't know anything about Santos dolls. I would say being a Saint maker would be a wonderful job not to mention an honor.


  11. Love,love, love this!!!Can't wait to see more of these. She's beautiful and inspiring!
    Hugs, Bridgette


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