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Crone Art Box

The crone story has been very popular at my art shows and galleries. Whenever I sculpt or paint a woman who seems to have cronish qualities, the story goes with her.

I found a very interesting cigar box, at least I guess that is what it is, (it may have held cigarettes) at the flea market the other day. I fell totally in love with it because of the 1” height. Most cigar boxes are much thicker. I immediately knew I wanted to create a box that would accommodate art pens, pencils, watercolor pens, sculpting tools, and so forth. This size is perfect.

Look how beautifully these all fit

My favorite part of the box is that it is only 1" deep

I textured and painted a cronish looking face and attached antique hardware and watch part.

Double click to see the texture and crackling effect


Winged woman of flight..
the all-mother of humanity..
wise soothsayer
Or hag.

Her eyes burn with the wisdom
of antiquity..
Her voice murmurs a truth that
cannot be heard by the
unreceptive masses..

She has passed through the
great change and she lives
on to rewrite the burned chronicles
of ..Her Story.

She allows each wrinkle to
act as voice to proclaim and
reclaim her power.
~Cheryl Dolby~

Someone at one of my shows told me that the correct age for crone apprenticeship is 60. Where she got that number I don’t know but I’ve been quoting it ever since. My girl looks a bit younger than 60, but then again, she may have taken care of herself throughout her life, or she may just have good genes Think about allowing your wrinkles to act as a voice to proclaim and reclaim your power. What if our image of beauty changed and we revered wrinkles? What an interesting new world this would be.

The Crone would make a fabulous gift for an artist in your life, or for yourself. The markers are not included but can be added according to your preferences. I’ve priced her at only $58. and I will ship anywhere. Just e-mail me to make arrangements at

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  1. This crone has the most beautiful green eyes that I have seen in a long time. Trish

  2. I really like the boxes that you have been making! you find the coolest ones! and make them so amazing! so fun that you can now put your pens and pencils in it!! :)

  3. It's fabulous Cheryl, what a great find. Your portrait is wonderful and has such depth. x

  4. It's wondrous Cheryl and what a beautiful place to keep your pens. Bravo my friend.

  5. She's wonderful, Cheryl, and has a beautiful story to tell. Of course she has only a few wrinkles - she's enchanted!!! LOL!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. She is so beautiful! This is a gorgeous box and I also love the hardware! So croneship starts at age 60 . . . I've often wondered.

  7. Lovely. So looking forward to mine arriving :D

  8. She looks too young to be a crone, but as you say she might have lived the good life and had no worries or stress in her life. I love the way you've made the clasp from the watch. Re my papers, you probably call them paper napkins in the States.

  9. She is BEAUTIFUL, and I'm intrigued by your idea of revering wrinkles and the wisdom that comes with age. Our society seems to become more and more shallow- concerned with the things that DON'T Matter......I love the clasp- I first thought it was original to the box, and the colors you used for her are perfect and THOSE EYES(!) WOW.... I KNOW someone will snap her up in a heartbeat!

  10. She's wonderful Cheryl! Amazing textured face! Love the story too.

  11. Your wonderful talent in art and words inspire me!
    P.S. I was just thinking the same thing (as I was looking in the mirror :) the other day about wrinkles.

  12. Cheryl

    I love the box, what did you seal her with, just curious because she will probably get a lot of use :) Thank you for your comments. I get that effect with a gesso wash. Works every time:) Sorry I did not answer sooner...sooo busy right now.

  13. What an enchanting box. An unusual find, the depth is intriguing. You are correct, it probably held those long smokes at one time. As always, your paintings are magical ... the addition of the antique hardware, which is awesome, creates a piece that is most mysterious. ~ Your muses come to life in the eyes which you gift them, for they are so full of expression.

  14. Now Cheryl that is an art box, I love it.
    Your so amazing my friend.
    Have a lovely day,Hugs Laura. xoxx
    She is just beautiful !!!! OH HER EYES...

  15. What an amazing box you have made....It's wonderful and I like you love the depth of it.....I think I would be tempted to keep this one.....

  16. Oooohh I love repurposing and this is great! lovely painting....she's actually pretty! not croneish!

    great job....

    ciao bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  17. Thank you for your lovely words over at my blog! I've been tardy in reciprocating I'm sorry. I always try to get around to visiting everyone I follow, but it doesn't always happen! arrrggh! Anyway - lovely to see such ingenious transformations such as this! Beuatiful work!!

  18. Hi Cheryl!
    What a practical gorgeous gift this box would make...using the watch and hardware was the cherry! I also just got a look at your previous post...I love boxes and I love making art with them...yours are the best I've seen. Congrats on the sale, she's a lucky girl! Well, you've inspired me again!


  19. Oh Ceryl another wonderful box with a gorgeous face, your boxes are very special and so unique, love the way you decorate the lids, it's so inspiring to visit your blog.

  20. Okay, I was going to do a quick visit before I got ready for work but there's just too much here. I'm coming back after work with my coffee cup and a do not disturb sigh! Too many gorgeous posts and it's been too long since I visited! Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate it for alot of reasons.

  21. Please don't vote me off the island (or whatever it is they do). I've been so busy I've not been to ANY of my favorite blogs in days. I had to stop by before I left this morning and tell you how lovely this piece is, especially the texture. What a perfect place to store all those yummy colorful pens.

    Embracing wrinkles? Not in this young oriented world. It would be a real treat if that were the case.

  22. Beautiful work Cheryl - you have mastered painting eyes and I immediately was reminded of your eyes when I looked at her, which I may add, are anything but 'crone-ish'!

  23. I like your thinking, change how we view our wrinkles! Find the beauty in each and every one we earned! A gorgeous box Cheryl.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck GF!!
    hugs Lynn

  24. Thats a really beautiful face you have painted Cheryl. Her eyes are just gorgeous.

  25. WOW a specially beautiful image on a specially box. She has specially wonderful mystical look in her eyes.
    Wish you a nice evening.

  26. A beautiful box Cheryl and I too love the thinness of it. Your art and words on the crone speak true. It is a hard time (passage) and I am at odds with this age. I think we need more positive imagery for the ageing woman and your beautiful lady encourages me! Thank you.

  27. I think I look more like a crone than the beautiful woman on your piece! The clasp is amazing - I can't believe how amazing it looks on the box.

    Thanks so much for your lovely, thoughtful comment - I have been following your blog for a long time and wish I could follow you to the mountains - I love it there!!


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