Thursday, September 30, 2010

Earth Walker Native American Sculpture



Earth Walker, Native American Sculpture

Years ago, I studied with Yowonode Two Wolves, (Twyla Nitch) clan mother of the Seneca Wolf Clan. I received the status of “Keeper of the Stones” which meant I was entrusted with special stones denoting power. Being greatly inspired by the Senaca philosophy I wrote the story I attached to my sculpture.

Earth Walker is the third in my series of the smaller Daughters of Antiquity sculptures. I used stoneware clay and ancient looking embellishments and material. She is approximately 17”h x 5”x w x 4: deep. Even though my new series is not as stately as the taller version, they definitely ship at a much more reasonable cost.

Earth Walker

She arrived from infinite space of her own choice.

She brought with her only faint memories of lives lived before. In her memories of all those lives, one over-all theme seemed to prevail..the ribbon of harmony in all things.

More memories stirred and she saw herself in a distant time, placing her ear to the ground and hearing the great mother whisper to her. “Listen,” she said, “to the pulse of all life.”

All nature was speaking to her and she was prepared to listen to the language of the stones, for even the stones have voices. The outer hard surface of a stone is merely the covering and the spirit lives within..just as our bodies are only temporary houses for our souls.

She listened to the garden and with relaxed vision, she saw and heard the nature spirits respond to the commands of the Devas..and each fruit and vegetable fulfilled their promise. She listened to the stream trickle past and on to a greater end.

She was at peace and entered into the silence. Being aware of the spiritual light, she became connected to the spiritual essence and knew that all is in flow..all nature is alive..THERE IS NO DEATH..only change.

~Cheryl Dolby~

Full view

Close up view

Side view

I have treasured the stones Grandmother Twyla gave to me and as I hold them, I wonder about the spirit in all things. I do believe that stones are alive in some way. Perhaps their language is that of silent observation.

You can read more about her at my Etsy shop by clicking here.

Other side view

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  1. I have copied the story and am putting it in my special journal.
    Th piece takes my breath away. Details, texture. strong yet soft.
    She is beautiful.
    congratulations and thank you.

  2. She is lovely. How lucky you were to have studied with someone so wise.

  3. Hi Cheryl..she is magnificent...all your work is..! Gorgeous and magical!

  4. Wow.....She is Amazing! every lovely! I love the blue stones on her halo.

  5. This is so beautiful. You are a gifted sculptress. :)

  6. Another lovely piece Cheryl, as always. Your words are beautiful as well.

  7. Oh Cheryl, she is breathtaking. Our family has had an affection for the Native Americans. I grew up attending Pow Wows on the reservations in South Dakota. My family has many beautiful treasures from those times. Mostly, I remember the stories I was told ... those given to me by women who were trying to tell me something of great importance.

    Your story that accompanies "Earth Walker, Keeper of the Stones" speaks to my heart and recalls many memories. Indeed, all in this world has a spirit ... I am moved beyond words of this post. Thank you, for this beautiful gift of you!

  8. She's incredible - oozing with nature, spirituality and magic!

  9. I love her. The story behind her is magical as is she. Great work.

    <3 Michelle

  10. Cheryl she is amazing and so wonderfully illustrates the story. I believe she is my favorite of your pieces yet!



  11. An amazing piece. I can feel your passion thorugh the story and the sculpture. are so talented.

  12. Wow what a truly amazing piece Cheryl and love her story. I am just crazy over turquoise,I can't get enough of this beautiful gemstone.LOVE THE COLOR !!!
    You capture such a magical feeling in your art work, SO SPECIAL. Such a pleasure to see what you create. What a truly lovely person you are, shows through your art work.
    Dreaming I lived closer to see your art one day in person !! YOUR AWESOME friend Cheryl.
    Have a super day, Hugs Laura. xoxx

  13. She is great, I love,love her face!

  14. Yes...i fully concur...gorgeous.....

    I just took some time to view your YouTube video on the side bar here on your blog...and all of your creations are so are an's just in your blood...your very soul!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella!!!!!!

  15. How beautiful! Stunning is what I thought when I saw this piece. Is there anyone you haven't studied with? Great story and lovely art! What more could I ask for on this Friday?

  16. Inspiring story and gorgeous sculpture!

  17. She has such a sense of peace and "knowing" about her. Wonderful Native American wisdom and art piece. Have a restful Fall weekend!

  18. You have had such a full and interesting life Cheryl, it is no wonder you can create such impressive works of art. This sculpture is outstanding!

  19. This is such a beautifully done piece, and her eyes are so powerful! Like all your work, the story adds so much more meaning to this piece.
    I LOVE it!

  20. She is beautiful and her story is so full of wisdom and knowledge. Wonderful work, Cheryl!

  21. Very nice, I studied with Gramps as well, many hours in new york, I have so many photos, as I too sat at the medicine wheel of stones, via instructions of Jennifer which lived with gramps twylia, did you recieve her little book she typed about 80 pages? "Earth Wisdom" I too was given the keeper of the stones name as thus becoming Grandmother Wisdom I am bridging wisdom.
    would love to talk with you and interview you on my station
    I now am a member of the circle of shamanic studies with mike harner,
    I love your creations, your calling you answered with such an intrusive fire.
    all best,

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