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"Angel of Antiquity" Number 1
Thank you Deb!

The other day, my daughter, Kirsten, said something that struck a cord with me. We were discussing our sometimes (and many times) dysfunctional family. She told me that it helps her a great deal to go above and look down because things become clearer from a higher vantage point. Ok. I was surprised that she said this because she is not a metaphysical thinker as I can be at times. She views life in a rather skeptical, straightforward fashion and doesn’t delve into any new age thoughts. I contemplated what she said. I thought about a force much larger than I am, about an entity who is beyond time. I imagined what life on this plane must look like to a greater being. When you view a parade, you stand in one place and you watch as the clowns go by, the baton twirlers, the band and the floats. You see only each particular event going by at a time. But, if you were to go to the top of a skyscraper and view the parade from the top floor, what would you see? You’d see the entire parade in front of you, ALL AT ONCE.. You’d see each actor and player doing their thing to construct the “whole” of the parade. Maybe it is that way with families and the world for that matter. Seen from above, you can complete the picture of the whole in a much better light, or a different light.

Close-up of angel number 1

One time, not so long ago, I was extremely distraught about a family situation. I took to my bed (all the women in my family have done this for decades, if not centuries.) I climbed into my bed and pulled my large heavy feather tick (that’s a comforter) over me. It was snowing outside and I knew I’d be completely snowed in by morning. The mountains and the dark closed in and I knew I was in for a long sorrowful sleep. I closed my eyes, feeling a deep sorrow in my heart. I tried desperately to sleep. Before long, I sensed a great quiet envelop my room. As I finally relaxed into the deep calm I began to feel that there was something or someone in my room. It was as though a warm, delicious weight of love was surrounding me on my bed, nurturing me, coaxing me to forget everything for awhile. I felt a weight over me. I felt something that can only be described as…wings…comforting me. It is true that it could very well be that I simply “had a dream.” I’m not really sure, I only know that when I awoke, I felt compelled to write this story:

Angel of Sacrifice


I lie cocooned beneath the gossamer wings of my guardian angel

I do not move, for fear she will leave me here

To face the universe of memories
That abides in my mind.


She came with strength, wisdom and love
And a promise to lift my sorrow.

Luminescent prisms flow in the distance
Becoming brighter and clearer as I

Seeds of light burst round me in an
Unwavering fashion. My angel by my
Side, we transcend toward
A presence brilliant and familiar.

I am teased with leaving behind the
Heaviness of my life and escaping to
this place of

Knowing in my heart
That it is not the time..for thre is
Much more love to give before I
Can go home again….

I return.

~Cheryl Dolby~

Sold. Thank you Baukje!

Since that time, and it was about 5 years ago, I have created angels of all sorts. Sometimes they appear with halos or wings. Even though I write many stories for the work I do, I never have written another angel story. Angel of Sacrifice always applies to my angels, even though each one is different.

Angel Number 3

I have named my new series, Angels of Antiquity. They are each an original with a hand sculpted clay face and wings that I created by applying encaustic wax. I found old door plates to use as hangers and I use antique lace and jewels in each one. I have priced them very reasonably at $46. They come from my heart and can be found in my etsy store by clicking each number.

Angels? Who knows? All I can say is that something magical happened to me one night.

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  1. The angels are always there when we need them...even when we dont..they never leave our side.
    I have angels all over my home. I love to collect them and I speak to my angels daily.
    What a beautiful experience you had and your creations are gorgeous :)

  2. Cheryl, what a lovely, lovely post embellished with these outstanding angels-Thank You for starting out my Monday morning putting a smile on my face.

  3. What a lovely post! And I love your angels. I, too, have come in contact with the angels. I know they are always with us.

  4. I like the connection between angels and sacrifice. I call my guardian angels, "my people". They're always there for me even when I don't realize they need to be there. You can crotchet too? What can't you do???? Love your angels...

  5. Cher...a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing a part of you with us. I do BELIEVE and know that I would not be walking this earth today if I did not have my angel close to my side.

    Your angel pieces are lovely and they reflect their artist's heart.


  6. WOW!! Once again, Cheryl, you have out done yourself!! You never cease to amaze me!! Between your works of art, your stories, and the way you blend them together. WOW!! Trish

  7. If only I could express my feelings the way you do, there is a calming feeling when I read your stories , especially this one. I have never encountered an Angel from above but many that are still living on this earth in human form. One of my special nieces spent time with Angels when she was 3 years old, she told us stories about them in her own way, it had to be real, a child that young could not have made the things up that she told us, so yes I do believe and find Angels to be beautiful:)
    Thank you for sharing this today Cheryl, and your beautiful works of art.

  8. Cheryl thank you for this wonderful story. I have always believed in angels, guardian angels and higher beings that surround and protect us, but it's so easy to forget when our ordinary life takes over. Thank you for this beautiful reminder! I absolutely know that what you experienced 5 years ago was real and your daughter is so right too.

  9. What an uplifting post....Angels are for real; the Bible says they are real and that each child has one.....

    I used to collect angels but haven't bought one in a while....I think I need to add one of yours to my collection...They are beautiful and so unusual.....

    Hugs to you my friend.....

  10. What an inspiring and thoughtful post. The poem speaks volumes. You are so very, very talented, you really must have that angel to guide you. I'm really enjoying this new series you have started. And you have dressed them in absolutely divine finery.

  11. I LOVE the poem, "Angel of Sacrifice." You are so amazingly talented, my friend. Your art is utterly splendid but your words are equally as visual and incredibly impactive. You make it all seem so easy. Mega kudos.

  12. I love your angels and I think i need one..... Can you tell me the shipping costs to France for angel number 2?

  13. Oh Cheryl, it is so comforting to meet another who has experienced and "angel" encounter and is willing to share it. They are truly "miraculous" and a bit life changing, as your poetic story conveys. Your angels are lovely ... truly an extension of your being ...
    Hugs to you, my friend! :)

  14. What a joy to see the new collection of Angels at the City Market display! I'm sure it had a GREAT reception!

  15. I love the collection of beautiful Angels. What a great post. We all need an Angel at our side and I'm sure we do. Your work is beautiful.

  16. Beautiful post Cheryl! Your sculpted angels are lovely treasures. I loved reading your angel story. It really warmed my heart. Thank for sharing your heart with us! Lisa :)

  17. What a wordsmith you are!
    These angels are painstakenly beautiful, Cheryl, Bravo :)

  18. Just look at all of these wonderful comments! You've really touched quite a few souls with your angelic creations and your beautiful story, Cheryl. You've made my spirit soar with your heartfelt work and words. Hugs & MANY Blessings, Terri xoxoxo

  19. Hu Cheryl, on my how I have enjoyed your post. Love your beautiful angels and words.

  20. Cheryl your angels are fantastic, love the way you dressed them, I enjoyed reading your post.

  21. Oh Cheryl, I saw this yesterday as I was leaving for work, and it has been on my mind ever since! I too, believe in angels- in fact this is a bittersweet time of year for me because it's getting close to the 25th anniversary of my brother's passing. But what really touched me, is that ever since he passed, my mom and I have both felt him hovering near especially in times of despair. Thank you so much for sharing this very special story behind your angels- it makes them all the more special! It looks like they are all spoken for- could I possibly reserve one?

  22. Wow I have been out of it for so long on Blog world. What a great trip!!! to Ireland....

    I really want to visit you. How long would it take to get to Bath/Washington NC from your home? I so want to visit there and go to the outterbanks too. Do you ever go out to the ocean cape Hatterus?

    We should get John to play. Do you think we could get a concert going of the Celtic? Lets talk.

  23. Cheryl, So beautifully put, It shows in your work just how much your guardian angel has played a part in your life. Thank you for sharing your lovely words and Beautiful art with us all. You have touched so many souls!

  24. Today is when I found your blog and Today is when I needed to read this post.

    Thank You.

  25. Your lovely angels must be magical!

  26. Love angels! These are superb! Love the fabrics you used.

  27. Thank you for sharing your Angels; they are like lightning thoughts and make good things happen....

  28. Hi Cheryl...

    I love the new creations...and the clever use of vintage doilies! so pretty! dainty, and feminine!

    well done!
    thanks for stopping in to see me....

    ciao bella


  29. Your angel here is a beautiful manifestation of your dream. She is filled with light and peace. Wonderful lace and jewel embellishments. I just purchased a lace making kit with bobbins and all- a nice fall into winter project I think. I enjoyed this post very much , thank you for sharing your story and art!

  30. Cheryl I love your angels and the poem is beautiful. I honestly believe that angels are all around us. You're use of antique/vintage lace and doilies is brilliant on these pieces.



  31. Wow, is all I can say, well maybe a bit more...Your Angels are beautiful and carry with them a message of love and compassion, you can see it in their expressions. Sigh....

  32. I like what you are doing with your art! cool stuff! have a good art day!

  33. What a wonderful post! Just after I lost my mum, 12 years ago I saw a homespun angel in a shop which sells American folk art. I had to have her (although previously I wouldn't have given her a second glance) She's watching over me as I write to you. Your words apply to her perfectly.
    And your angel is of course, wonderful! x

  34. What a beautiful story, it matches your angels.Thanks for your kind comments on my blog too.

  35. They are beautiful Cheryl. Look at things from above is similar to stepping back. I had an experience of astral traveling. I never knew if it was a dream, but it felt so real and all the people I flew over were people that I knew, only I saw them with fresh eyes.


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