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Oceana Sculpture and Prince Charles

Oceana Wall Sculpture

Sold. Thank you Francie!

Just before crossing the Irish Sea last month while on my UK journey, our tour group stopped at Tenby Wales for a scheduled lunch and pictures. Tenby is a quaint fishing village with dozens of seafood restaurants and a port with all the fishing boats you would expect to see. What a delightful surprise was in store for us. It seems that Prince Charles was visiting his principalities in Wales and was scheduled to arrive at the square at exactly the time we were!

Price Charles

We were so excited! It’s not every day that you get to see a prince! We lined up with the crowd, which consisted of school children waving banners. It was not a large crowd. I was surprised at the lack of security that day. There only appeared to be a few body guards around Prince Charles. We snapped our pictures as he made his way past us. There was a lovely Welsh lady standing in front of me and I rudely, but unknowingly, had my camera over her head to get the best shot. My camera handle was hanging down right in her face keeping her from seeing the Prince. She was too kind to say a word. When I noticed what I had been doing, I quickly moved my camera and apologized to her. She said it was ok, that she knew I was a visitor to her village and she wanted me to be happy.

Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles with school boys

Tenby, Wales
Please feel free to use this picture in your artwork

I was so impressed with the behavior of the entire crowd. Everyone was very considerate. I met another lady named Kathleen while having lunch. She was actually from Ireland but lived in Tenby. She told me that she didn’t even know that the Prince was there and was disappointed that she missed him. We got to talking and before long, she brought over her niece and nephew and introduced them to my granddaughter, Marcy, and I. She wanted to know all about our tour and hoped that we were enjoying being in Wales. What a great impression the delightful people of Tenby left me with. It’s so important to remember that when we visit other countries, we are ambassadors of a sort. Our behavior represents our country. The same is true when people from other countries visit us. I was left with warm feelings about the people in Wales and hoped that I had left them with the same feelings about the United States.


I decided to post a sculpture of one of my Ocean pieces in memory of Tenby. Her name is Oceana. She is stoneware clay and measures 9"Hx7"Wx3"Deep. I have just placed her for sale on Etsy. If you would like more information about her, just click here

I have given her the story I wrote years ago about the ocean. It is the same story I always use since it seems to apply to all my ocean pieces. Hope you like her.

Oceana story:


As she was standing at the edge of the ocean she
could hear the waves chanting
their familiar song.

“Come to me, I am geater than you, I am wiser than
you..I am the one.”

She resisted once again. How long could she
continue to resist…How much longer before she
embraced her larger self,
her destiny,
her soul…
..the sea….

~ Cheryl Dolby

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  1. Welcome home Cheryl,I missed you.
    What a day to see the Prince.Wow !!!!
    I love the strap in the ladies face so gracious. She knew how important the moment was to you.
    Your newest creation is just so beautiful,her name is so fitting.
    She is just the coolest and love her.
    Glad your trip to the UK went great.
    Again glad your back to blogging,love visiting you. Have the most lovely day.Hugs Laura.xoxx

  2. I was able to pull your blog up on Facebook, Cheryl. Good picture of Charles. Where was Camilla? I am surprised that our American girl in Wales did not invite the Prince out for afternoon tea and scones! Did you at least ask him if he would like to be in our little supper club? We still have not had a Welsh dinner party and he would add a certain charm to it. Love, Dian

  3. What a treat Cheryl!! Just happening upon a prince adds a magical quality to what sounds like a truly fabulous trip! Your poem is beautiful and shares such a true message - may we all release the resistance and embrace ourselves, the way we embrace others - letting the waves wash away the hold... love Oceana's face and expression. xox K

  4. Gorgeous sculpture Cheryl. Glad you liked seeing the Prince. The Royals are not too popular with the English (or Welsh) but at least he shed light environmental issues a long time before they were popular. xx

  5. Cheryl,

    So glad your back....what a wonderful experience......The Prince!!!!! I'm sure their is plenty of good stories & pics....
    Hopefully will see you soon,


  6. How serendipitous!!! Don't you find that wonderful surprises always happen while traveling! So sweet of the camera strap lady to be so gracious and kind. Lovely post about your visit to Tenby. Oceana is gorgeous!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. How lucky to see Prince Charles. You were very gracious. I saw plenty of 'ugly Americans' on my travels and it hurts my heart to see that. I'm so happy you had a good time. Oceana is beautiful.

  8. Sounds like a lovely day. And I love the wall sculpture ~ she's beautiful!

  9. Another great post. Gosh, the Prince of Wales! Who would have thought. And I love the anecdote about Kathleen.

  10. She is lovely. I am glad that you are back save and well. And your visit to France......maybe one day......
    When I was in England My experience was the same, the people were very nice and polite and helpful.

  11. Everyone will be thinking that we all bump into royalty ever day over here now! Mind you I have seen the Queen twice and Prince Philip twice (and only once were they together!). What a scoop to visit Wales and meet its Prince!

  12. Cheryl, that Tenby Wales photo should be a postcard...stunning!

  13. I came by earlier and read about the Prince and his visit the same day you were there. Then I fell asleep in my computer chair and awoke with your post still front and center on my screen. What a lovely surprise you had, and a chance to see the Prince of Wales. You couldn't have timed it any better.

    I would love to have spoken with some people who actually went to see him. I wonder if he is popular in Wales. As for security, you know the Queen is broke, so something had to give. I suspect security did not seem to be a problem in Tenby, and I suspect local constables were at the ready.

    What a lovely time you had and always willing to meet a friend. Such a lovely memory and tale to tell.

    The city view is superb, too. So glad you are home with many loving memories. Look forward to more of them (now that I'm awake of course).

  14. What perfect timing to be there when the Prince paid his visit. Tenby looks like a beautiful place to visit. Your Oceana piece is Lovely as well.

  15. Oceana is lovely! How lucky to see Prince Charles. I'm glad you had a good trip.

  16. Cheryl, Oceana is magnificent! And I so love her poetic story. The last paragraph moves me deeply.

    Wow, to see a real Prince and in living color! The highlights of your trip are beginning to unweave a fantastic journey. You are so correct about our presence in another country being one of ambassadorship. Presenting ourselves with grace, honor, and humility is so very important! Such an exquisite post ... thank you! :))

  17. Hi Cheryl! Wow, how exciting! It must have been wonderful to be there at the perfect moment. So glad your trip had many delights. Thanks for sharing! Your sculpture is beautiful! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  18. There seems to be so much soul in Oceana - which comes as n o surprise! Loved the story you conveyed regarding your lapse of conscious time passing...amazing.

  19. What a great story Cheryl. Oceana is a lovely piece.

  20. I am so glad you had such a wonderful trip, and it has been lovely catching up with all your adventures. You did well seeing Prince Charles (he lives not far from us) . I'm not a huge fan of the Royals, but I have a lot of time for him, an excellent environmentalist and champion and advocate for disadvantaged young people. Oceana is gorgeous and the poem is very beautiful. x

  21. Cheryl, you are so talented! Your Oceana piece is beautiful and the poem is very befitting of her. I enjoyed seeing your photos and thank you for offering that beautiful reference image also.

  22. What a great treat for you to see Prince Charles.... he must have known you were going to be in town ;-)
    You had a fabulous trip reading your posts - so happy for you x


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