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Gypsy Moon
Sold. Thank you Jennifer!

You may remember from a previous post, that I am captivated by gypsies. I am not sure where or when I first became fascinated with them but the music created by Emuziki and other artists wielding violins motivate me to want to dance, paint and sculpt gypsies.

I didn’t expect to meet up with a prince last month on my whirlwind almost month long trip to the UK and Ireland, nor did I ever imagine that I would encounter gypsies on the outskirts of an English town. What a bonus for me!

In the picture below, you can only see one caravan because I could only take a quick photo. There were actually several more caravans in a circle.

Gypsy Caravan

The caravans looked like the Connestoga Wagons of the old wild west, only maybe a bit smaller. The tops were covered with what looked like green canvas. The group was sitting around a campfire looking pretty peaceful. I was told by my tour guide, Megan, that the gypsies were allowed to camp on the outskirts of any town in England. There were no laws prohibiting them. She said that last year residents of one town were pretty upset. The King of one particular group of gypsies had died. Whenever a king dies, the body is cremated in his wagon. It was quite an ordeal.

I did a web and UTube search on gypsies and found that they do not like to be referred to as gypsies at all. The preferred name is Romas or Romani. Even though most of us think of them coming from Romania, many sources say that they originated in Punjab, India.

I posted several gypsy women paintings a few months ago to go along with my Gypsy in my Soul post. After actually seeing them in person, I was inspired to create a few more paintings.

Side view of Gypsy Moon

“Gypsy Moon” was not an easy collage for me to complete. I sketched and painted one of my women on hardwood and then used a technique I invented. I don’t have a name for it yet. I should probably call it, “Make sure you do things the hard way, technique” I wanted the skirt to look like it was cloth and wood that was pieced together. I thought of using a pyrography tool to burn around each piece of cloth like I read in a book called Collage Fusion, by Alma de la Melena Cox. I couldn’t find my pyrography tool so I drew a design on the wood, then cut each individual piece of cloth to fit I surrounded the mosaic with a dark marker. I might have attained the same effect by cutting one whole segment of the cloth and marking around each piece instead of cutting and fitting each individual piece. I would really have saved a lot of time. Oh well.

Close-up of garment

I had completed “Tess” several months ago and she seems to fit into my new image of a modern day gypsy, especially with her tattoos.


Both Tess and Gypsy Moon are for sale on Etsy in case you’d like more information about them.

Also, while I was doing my research, I found this video of pictures of many different kinds of caravans. I was thinking of what fun it would be to create a caravan and then I remembered..I’ve already got one. My shining B-dazle car!

My art car, B-Dazle 23,000 beads and bangles attached (by me!)

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  1. Oh how beautiful your ladies are!!! Here is something else we have in common, I am fascinated by gypsy history, culture and their sayings!
    My favorite quote is an adaptation from gypsy folklore.
    " the night does not frighten me, my friends are in the stars!"
    thanks for the wonderful post!!!

  2. I didn't realize there were still gypsy caravans around--this is so fascinating! And I love your lady gypsies so much and that extremely cool car!

  3. You continue to outdo yourself. I am seeing more gypsies coming from your soul. Beautiful.

  4. Wow! Your paintings just blow me away. I can see your intrigue with these women... they must lead such unique lives and they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for your inspiration.

  5. You are so talented. You must have been a gypsy in a previous life. I can feel it in your eyes ;)

  6. Cheryl, how lucky were you on your trip! A real Rom caravan is a very rare sight today. In our local museum there is an original one, all beautifully decorated, I will try to get a picture for you. Wonderful work - as always. x

  7. I love your work and your car, YOWZA!! That must have been a wonderful trip. I have a blogger friend that is also a gypsy. Great work.

  8. Beautiful gypsy women, Cheryl! How neat that you came across some gypsies on your travels too. I am also intrigued by gypsies and their's all so interesting!

  9. That's such an amazing dress and boy, what a lot of work in it. Incredible!

  10. When things are meant to be, they happen spontaneously! How wonderful that you encountered the caravan on your trip. Destiny unfolding. And your gypsy woman is incredibly beautiful. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  11. Beautiful art Cheryl- it is the gypsy in your soul that allows you to be so expresive in your work, so insightful and rich with color and meaning. That car is fabulous too- what alot of work!

  12. Hi Cheryl, I saw your comment and I wanted to tell you that the show I'm going to be in is actually in Warren, PA, BUT when I was in the Westlake, Ohio show this summer, Gretchen and Bob from Yankee Peddler invited me to be in their festival. And in the modern part. I don't know if your familiar with it, but they have a "modern" section that they've added on--today's arts and crafts. No wooden booth needed--you can use your tent, and no costumes, so I'm thinking about it for next year. I've talked to other artists who do Yankee Peddler, and of course they say that it's still a good show, but not like it used to be. Have you ever heard of the Shaker woods festival in Columbiana? Well I do the the one that they have in October--Christmas in the Woods. I love the dressing up and the wooden booths. It's a great festival too--all relating to Christmas.

  13. You have always been a most alluring, intriguing, and talented soul (at least for the many decades I've known you). As you've grown, so has your talent, and your art illustrates this in a most impressive way. As for your unique and original techniques, perhaps they should be called "the Galloway methods" since this is one major source of your uncommonly beautiful expertise. BTW, it was not uncommon, in our youth, to hear someone say, "she has a bit of gypsy in her soul." You have brought new understanding and credence to that phrase and, thanks to your example, we know now that this is the ultimate compliment.

  14. I love how you manage to bring us wonderful photos of your trip interspersed with impressive stories as well as the most adorable painting of your women. That skirt must have taken forever to make. Yep, sounds like a good name for this technique.

    Your posts are always so fun and such a great read. I've never seen a "Gypsy" wagon before and this was a fun and new exposure for me.

  15. Wow, what a memory to treasure! And I LOVE your new piece- it sounds like a TON of work, but so beautiful! To me, it looks like it was totally worth it!

  16. I use the same technique as you ALL the time, lol.
    I tell myself the "hard way" just puts more of my soul into my art.

    I am loving this gypsy art. The colors, patterns,
    bells and embellishments...I musta been a gypsy in a past life! You have really got my wheels turning...Thanks for the inspiration Cheryl!

  17. Oh, your gypsy women are gorgeous, Cheryl!!! I so had to giggle at your "naming of technique" struggle! Just too precious! I am drawn to Gypsy Moon ... she speaks to me... she is soooooooooooooo soulful!!!

    OMG!! your car!!! I bet you never worry about wondering where you parked! Oh, it is BEAUTIFUL! Now, how long did that take you??? And did you wait to drive it until you were finished or did you drive your work in progress???

  18. What a fantastic amazing blog, I'm happy to found and if I may I put it on my own blogroll.
    Your creativity is incredible unique and so inspiring, thank you for sharing, I'm excited of all I can see here. The car!!!what a great work.
    I'll come back to visit.
    Hugs Anja from germany

  19. So Soulful Cheryl,
    I wanted to say first how much I missed you while you were away. So glad you are back and creating.
    The Gypsy Moon is just so creative and beautiful. I always love your stunning faces.The colors are perfect and what a lot of work to create her.She is while worth every moment of creating, just so artful.
    I also have a huge fascination with Romas (thanks for sharing that, didn't know that name)
    I think it is there carefree life style and the way they dress that grabs me. Just everything about them is so magical. I always dreamed when I was little running away with a gypsy caravan. hahaha.
    I truly enjoyed this post and love your cool car. I hope you continue in the future to share more information. I learn so much from you interesting Cheryl.
    Loved your posting and Tess is stunning.
    I think artists are all "Gypsys at heart".
    Have the best day and thanks for sharing.
    Big Huge Hugs Laura.xoxx

  20. What to comment on first.... your painting is stunning, and I think you did the right thing adding the batik pieces separately that way even if it was time consuming, I think it shows more depth to her dress. I just love the rich colors of her dress too, she has that gypsy look, very mysterious.

    As for you car, well....... how many cars would you see like that? WOW, I can't believe how much work you put into it. Rather you than me LOL

    I remember seeing the gypsies growing up in England and I was told to keep away from them by my mom and gran, but I forget why now. I should ask my mom if she remembers.

    Great post Cheryl,
    Hugs, Lynn

  21. What a treat to see a real gypsy caravan! Your gypsy women are lovely and I particularly like the tattoos!

  22. You are so incredibly talented!

  23. Hi Cheryl, what a lovely site you have put together here and it reflects the beautiful life you live!! want to ask if if i can "steal" a couple photos.. i am beginning to emerge in the techno world doing my own website for the first time etc. and will be putting together some photo Youtube musical offerings of my own music accompanied by photos mostly which i will take but a few others.. like the cliffs and the celtic cross shots.. may i borrow.. i don't know if i can swing credit for those shots or not but will try as i haven't assembled one of these yet.. some folks don't seem to care as they just like the world to be seen! let me know and hope to see you on the market next year.. we played already a few weeks ago and snuck in a few good hours of music between rainnshowers worked great! smiles and hugs bob grubel


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