Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Moon Woman Collage

This is a story I wrote several years back. It appears in my book titled,“Grandmother Tree.” I have discontinued that book since it is outdated but I continue to use stories from it and I still believe in almost everything I wrote about Moon Woman.

“Moon Woman”

By the moon’s light, she plucks the herbs from the hidden dells and meadows surrounding her glen. Sometimes she gathers in the full moon and other times she waits for an eclipse. She knows the properties of the herbs are altered by the moon’s different phases.

Being Celtically aware, she practices the earth rites as the old ones before. She accepts the earth as a living entity and believes in the magical order of the trees. She has learned how to become a healer and knows that all illness begins in the mind, dwelled upon until it becomes a thought form. She teaches others to discipline their thoughts for they will take form and that if you can change your thoughts…you can change your life.

View from the bottom

Disciplining ones thoughts is easier said than done. I’m constantly working on it and find that when I get one thought totally disciplined, another worrisome thought seems to take it’s place. It’s the nature of our species I’m afraid, but I won’t give up trying.


I used acrylic and textured paints on a birchwood framed board. The dimensions are 8”w x 10” h . and 1 ½ “ deep. I like a thick edge for easier hanging.

Moon Woman can be purchased on Etsy if you prefer to use Paypal or directly from me. I take all the major credit cards or checks. I am happy to ship world wide, just e-mail me for prices.

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  1. I think I finally understand why I love your work...Your women are all strong yet possess a great dignity and innocense. I hope to be like that one day :)


  2. Cheryl, I'm just getting caught up now on over 5 days of blog posts. I am really enchanted with both of your new pieces, Gentle Spirit and this one. The stories that you use to illustrate the inspiration and background to your pieces really enchance the charm and appeal of these beautiful pieces of art.

    This is a particular favorite of mine.



  3. I was just thinking about you and wondering where you were. Just a few minutes later, I saw your latest post pop up. If I had not read the list of materials you used to make this beauty, I would have sworn you used real pressed flowers and leaves. They are so realistic. Even up close they really fool the eye. Lovely, lovely work of art and story to match.

  4. Another gorgeous piece Cheryl! Did you use the encaustic technique on pressed flowers here? Did you go on your trip yet?

  5. You know me well enough to know
    I LOVE this beauty!!!!
    Everything about it, the canvas, the color, the face and the flowers!!!

  6. Beautiful work, smart words...I've painted these words on my kitchen wall...
    "Thoughts become things, chose good ones..."
    We become what we think...something I need to remind myself all the time...
    thank you for your wisdom...hug, hug

  7. This gorgeous face and her story really speaks to me, Cheryl. I've always had a close affinity to the moon and your Goddess is stunning! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. "Change your thoughts, Change your life". Yes this work has a special resonance for me. Your art and words always identify with my feelings, but this one is very special. Just reading throught the comments above shows that you have a very special ability Cheryl. x

  9. Wonderful story and a magestic collage. Your art breathes with life and texture- a reaching beyond the canvas. Love this one!

  10. You are the champion, my friend! Your words increase the value of your painting...you left a piece of you soul in it.

    PS: I am having a hard time keeping your book a secret...being a transparent person is...well, it's hard not to blab out my joy :) June 18 will be soon enough.

  11. WOW!!! Such powerful words and the painting is amazing.

  12. My oh my, oh my, Ms. Cheryl, just when I think I have selected my favorite, you put up another that I fall madly in love with, and this one is downright electric! She reminds me of the big band singers from the '40's. What a beauty. Great depth. Stunning! Tons of kudos to you, my friend. I LOVE this one.

  13. Absolutely beautiful, Cheryl! The dried flowers set her off perfectly. I enjoyed the post too and also believe that illness is manifested by mind/thought.

  14. Her face is so serene and wise- as always, I love the stories you include with your women; they are just wonderful! Also, the layering of your encaustic wax collage- fabulous!

  15. Hi Cheryl! Your art is beautiful! Love the story you created behind it. They go perfectly together. Stunning! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! I really appreciate your comment. Love your art car by the way! So cool! Have a great day! :)

  16. she is just lovely -- she is so gorgeous and the flowers are divine. and i love your story too.

  17. Wow, this piece is absolutely amazing! I love the way you blend it all together! Brilliant!

  18. Oh Cheryl, She is BEAUTIFUL! I love the mix of natural elements on this piece, so befitting of her nature. Your work is amazing!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for the very sweet comment! It make my day to have a visit fro you! ~ Wishing you peace in your mind a softness in your soul ...

  19. oh she's beautiful!
    well done!

    and yes, you must incorporate sewn paper into your fabulous designs! hehe

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  20. Cheryl! Your Moon Woman Collage is just gorgeous and your words...so inspiring and thoughtful. Thank you for sharing so much of your spirit,art and beauty with us. Take care, Bridgette

  21. Talented Cheryl,oh I love Moon Women.
    Wow wow wow !!!
    She is just beautiful and touches your spirit.Your "inner beauty" shines from her eyes.Your stories amaze me and I love them so much.
    Thank you for sharing,such a thrill seeing what you create.
    Have a great day.Hugs Laura.xoxx

  22. I too thought you had used real flowers in your beautiful creation. Not only does your art tell the story but your words also, "change your thoughts change your life" Something I need to practice more, Thank you for your inspiration!

  23. I've been having a proper browse of your work on Etsy... Really loving those gypsy collage paintings - especially the Ukranian one. I love painting women's faces - putting some soul into them and meaning behind their eyes. Mine always turn out a little too thoughtful looking though. I'll aim for more mischief next time I think!

  24. Cheryl - thanks so much for welcoming me back a few days ago! I just love this latest posting of yours - the moon woman collage is just beautiful. It made me bring to mind Moyra Caldecott's Standing stone trilogy: the main character learning about all priestess matters (based on Bronze Age Britain culture and spirituality)from herb and crystal lore to astral travel. A highly recommended read!

  25. Beautiful work and words! They remind me of some of the writings of Louise Hay, one of my favorites. So true, and yet often I forget them.

  26. Hey Cheryl, I've given you a little blog award. Hope you like it.

  27. Thank for your wise words......


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