Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The final Celtic Woman Journal

Here she is again only totally different! I liked the Celtic Woman Journal that I created to take with me on my trip to the UK, but honestly, I didn’t love her. She was too whimsical looking for the serious journey I’ll be on. A serious journey needs a serious journal. I view Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England as a land of mystery. I wanted my journal to reflect that mystery.

Here is a layout of the entire journal

Close-up, can you still see the bottle caps that were in the original collage?

I realized that my collage, Lady of the Labyrinth, was the perfect look I wanted. I ran a digital image of her and went to town on my sewing machine using those wondrous (and oh so hard to work with) metallic threads. I embroidered and free motioned for a long time. (especially since the thread kept breaking and getting stuck in the bobbin!) Then, I used a beautiful fabric I found at one of our local fabric shops for the exterior along with some other exotic embellishments.

Another close-up of the metallic gold, silver and teal thread

Here is a picture of the inside of journal. I added golden fringe for excitement

Celtic Woman number 1 will not go to waste though. I have decided to use her for a sign-in book for those who walk Woodloft labyrinth.

Journal number 1 sitting in the center of my labyrinth

Now..before I say anymore, I want to announce the winner of my Spice Mistress post. I used a random number generator and number 22 is the winner. Congratulations to Lori Saul of Ravenpainting! You will be receiving your $40 gift certificate from CSN soon. Please e-mail me with your address.

I am going to try to find YiFi in the areas I will travel, so that I can send you pictures of this beautiful land. My granddaughter, Marcy, is accompanying me and she is a computer expert. If it is there, she will find it. If not, I will post when I return in August. We are undertaking a long journey to some very rural parts of the UK. Marcy wanted to venture all the way north to Loch Ness so that we might catch a glimpse of Nessie.

It is hard for me to leave my beautiful Woodloft, (my home) at this time of year. Summer in the Blue Ridge area is absolutely breathtaking, but I know I’m going to a place of beauty as well. And, I believe that with every journey you take, there is a lesson to be learned and I am ever so ready for my pilgrimage!

My front deck-what I'm leaving, picture courtesy of Stephanie Oliver

Picture of my tour-where I'm headed!

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  1. A truly beautiful journal for a beautiful journey that your about to go on. What a great adventure--safe travels to you!

  2. Cheryl, your journal is stunning and so worthy of keeping your treasured memories of this once in a lifetime trip. Those metallic threads look like spun webs of magic. Gorgeous! Congrats to Lori!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. I didn't know you were coming over here! You are going to have such a fab time. The Lake District (Grasmere) is one of my favourite places in the world - just hope you get the weather! You have quite a tour ahead of you. The closest you'll get to me is Oxford. Have an amazing time and can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Fingers crossed the sun shines - it is gorgeous here at the moment.

  4. OOps, I got so carried away there that I forgot to say how wonderful I thought you journal was! Imagine the wonderful stories that will fill it over the coming weeks.

  5. Wow, this journal has changed and really transformed. Is it even the same one? Did you cover the rings?

    I am so glad to read that metallic thread was hard for you to work with and it broke easily. I had the same experience, but I thought it was just me. Thanks for making me feel better.

    Your front deck is stunning and gorgeous. I know you will hate to leave it, but I also know how excited you are about this trip. Have a wonderful vacation and fun time. Look forward to seeing your occasional posts and will miss you while you're gone.

  6. What a fabulous journal and itinerary! Can't wait to "read" all about your journey. Be safe and have a wonderful time with your granddaughter.

  7. Cheryl, you must be beside yourself with excitment, ohhhh what a wonderous journey this will be for you and your grandaugher. Your journal is gorgeous so rich in color and texture. The perfect way to savor the memories

    #22 that is wierd. Linda from Studio L3 had hers yesterday and it was 22 also! I've never drawn that # before so must have been in the cards.

    Have a fantastic time and hope you find YiFi there, otherwise I'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures when you return,
    and Congrats to Lori!

  8. Cheryl, your journal is absolutely stunning! I love all of the embellishments ... your home reminds me of a fairy garden ... I too would not want to leave such confines ... however, your journey abroad looks like a fairytale. Would you like a maid to take along with you? I am ever so anxious to learn all about your trip and the personal encoutners you experience along the way ... an expedition of the mind and soul!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful journey! Your journal is gorgeous and looks perfect. I love the flexibility of the rings and it appears from the photo that you can fold back the front cover for easier access to the paper.

  10. Cheryl, the journal is stunning. Wishing you a safe and happy journey.

    I have been to Loch Ness and have a photo of Nessie. I took it from high up in Urquhart Castle. Nobody believes it's actually Nessie, but I know better. ;)

  11. What a beautiful journal, Cheryl - you should have a fabulous time filling it!

  12. B-e-a-u-t-i-ful journal!
    Have a wonderful trip (I know you will)
    You and your shining spirit will come home with lots of new friends.
    Love to you

  13. Wow Cheryl what a fantastic journal you have made it's so beautiful and great for the journey that your about to go on, have a nice tour.

  14. I am in awe of your journal- and I know that the words you fill it with will be just as glorious as The Lady who will guard them is! I can't wait to hear of your amazing travels- I understand about it being hard to leave the garden at this time of year- and yours is truly beautiful(!)- but just imagine the gardens you'll encounter along your way!

  15. I LOVE your journal! It is perfect for the exciting and mysterious journey ahead of you. I will definitely be hanging out to see the pics while you are away (or when you get back). I'm sure you and Marcy will have lots of fun!

    Have a safe trip,

  16. oh metalic threading looks marvelous on your journal cover! it's mystical and mysterious like you said.....just perfect!

    i do hope you enjoy your time away...and you will, i'm sure learn something new!

    ciao bella
    congrat's to the CSN winner!

    creative carmelina

  17. What a great idea to have a sign-in book for the pilgrims on your labyrinth! I wish I could sneak up there and leave a message on it to be found on your return. You will be returning, won't you???

  18. The journal is beautiful and fitting your journey! I hope you will have a wonderful time in the UK and Ireland and can make lots of inspiring pictures.

  19. The journal is wonderful! With the looks of your itinerary, you will be filling it up for sure! Your yard and deck is so lovely! I know you will be adding some treasures to it from your fun trip! Have a great time!

  20. Your journal is gorgeous. You have such talent!! Thanks for sharing such pretty pictures.
    Best to you,

  21. Love the journal! What a great itinerary you have planned!

  22. Looks like a fabulous trip and what a glorious journal you have made. Look forward to checking back!

  23. Hi Cheryl! Hope you're having a wonderful trip. Your journal is so magical. :)

  24. Your journal was well worth all of that work, just look how gorgeous it is, I hope you enjoyed using it on your trip. I was just sewing with that metalic thread today on wax paper and card stock, it's strange to use in the machine, was my first time.
    I see you were going to York, I am from North Yorkshire, about an hour drive, I love York :)


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