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January renewal continues.

About three years ago, In my quest to loose weight, which happens mostly around January 1st, I decided to join a water aerobics class. I chose Carter Athletic Center, which is located at North Cross School. I have not lost much weight but I must tell you, I have had a lot of fun trying! Water aerobics is probably the best choice for people who are overweight. Because you are pushing against water, the process promotes muscle growth and cardiovascular training. I have found that I am more flexible because of the aerobics.

Ella, our superb and hilarious teacher

Although all of our instructors are excellent, the teacher I most like to exercise with is Ella. Because of her wonderful sense of humor, the hour class passes very quickly. She has us singing, laughing, dancing and keeps us moving the entire time so that we attain our target aerobic heart rate.

Pamela entertains us with her quick wit

It is not only Ella who has a good sense of humor. Pamela, with her subtle wit, also keeps us in stitches, or gills, as the case may be.


Maggy is our most exuberant member of the class. She never misses a beat. We usually exercise in a number sequence. When Ella asks us what number we are on, since we go from one to, let’s say 30, Maggy will call out jokingly, “25,” when we probably have done no more than 10.


We decided that we should probably have a name for our group. One person suggested “Daughters of Aquarius” but we had to consider the fact that there are a few men in the class as well. After much discussion, we finally settled on “Waterlilies and Bullfrogs,” although sometimes there is only one frog attending.

"Bullfrog" Pete

“Bullfrog” Bill

Since the pool is heavily chlorinated, a lot of us purchase chlorine free bathing suits. Sometimes, however, we opt for the more stylish ones, which is not always a good idea. After only a few months of wear, our suits slowly but surely deteriorate to the point of diminishing almost completely. I wonder if the bullfrogs notice? The most frequently used comment around the pool is, “I like your new suit.”



Cindy, our front desk receptionist

Some of the Waterlilies stay after class so that they can attend the “Silver Sneaker Class.” This is an exercise class that Ella also leads. I’m still working my way up to that class. Maybe I’ll try it in a few years. I am planning to put it off as long as I can. It’s not because I’m lazy, just very, very busy, which is a great excuse.

Joanna, Lynn and Kathy

There are water aerobics classes in most cities and they are usually relatively inexpensive. At Carter, we not only have use of the heated 6-lane indoor pool but there are three basketball courts, Cybex strength training equipment, over 20 group classes a week, an indoor track and many other amenities.

This is just another idea for your January "mind, body and spirit" renewal.

Tomorrow, like many million other people, I will be starting my diet. Tonight, however, I will attend one last dinner party of the season. The party will be held at my chef friend, Wayne’s home. He has labeled this get-together, “Comfort Food for January.” I will be bringing my Clam Chowder and will post the recipe in a few days.

As you can tell by the last two posts, I have made an attempt to restore my body. Now it is time to tackle my mind and spirit. I will be presenting to you my review on a wonderful book I am now reading. “Woman Re-Membering” was written by an artist friend of mine. Lizbeth Clay's book will start you on the right path for the new year.

In a future blogpost I will also be presenting a new series of sculpture. They are high spirited gals in which I have given delightful poses. I am in the process of naming the series.

I must go for now because “Miss Christmas” has just arrived. At this time of the year, that is the name I affectionately call my granddaughter, Marcy. She has arrived to “break down” the Christmas Village as well as the tree and other decorations. This magic season all too soon has disappeared but will remain a memory for the family.

See you back here again soon.

Carter Athletic Center is located at
4254 Colonial Avenue
Roanoke, Va. 24018

Hours of operation are:

Monday-Friday 6 a.m.- 9 p.m.
Saturday – 8 a.m. – 6:pm.
Sunday – 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Phone: 989-7284

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