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Front View~ I Tried To Capture The Light Coming Through Beads But Could Not Do Justice

Sold. Thanks Yavia!

This may be the most unusual planter I have ever created but when spirit speaks, we artists must listen. The inspiration for Healing Woman came from my friend Wanda K, who gave me a most unusual pair of antique earrings. They looked like devination crystal balls for gazing.


I couldn't wait to incorporate them into my work. Thank you Wanda! I wasn't sure where they would end up but I am pleased that they are now dangling from my healer's hands. I left the backing intact because I think they add to the mystique. The embellishment above her head seemed to fit the theme of the wild and wonderful healer.

Close-Up of Clear Earrings

She is 4" wide by 4" deep and approx. 13" high. I have priced her at $100. She is fairly light so should ship well. I think she would be lovely potted with a trailing herb such as thyme. I hope she finds a really good home with someone who appreciates the work involved in this piece.

Another Front View

Thanks so much for viewing. If you are interested in purchasing, please e-mail me and we can go from there. I accept Paypal and personal checks.

My story of Healing Woman seemed appropriate for her.

Healing Woman

Dredged from antiquity..daughter of fire emerges with the healing power of the ages..Voices lost in time whisper to her of healing on many levels. Energy rises from her very soul as she remembers the responsibility bestowed upon her. She is the Studda Bubba, the witch, the magician and the shaman..the very essence of the healer. She calls upon the great mother to share with her the wisdom of her yield. Knowing she is merely the vehicle of a force far greater than she, and with great integrity, the healing woman delivers her cures as the power moves through her hands of light.

-Cheryl Dolby-


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  1. Hi Cheryl. Hope you have been doing good. Excellent work. Love your work. How is your garlic garden doing? Just popped in to say hello. Take care.


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