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Peggy Potts

Lots going on this summer at Woodloft. (my home) I tackled several of my back of the burner projects including refurbishing this Peggy Pots sculpture. Years ago I created her from lots of pots, a gourd for the head, old shoes and garden tools. She has a brand new look this year.


Next, I renewed my “Lily” pond mannequin. I had found an old mannequin at our local flea market, Happys. I get a smile on my face when I think of this place. There are vendors from the many mountains in our area and lots of treasures. I added moss and silk sunflowers this year. She seems to acquire a new personality each year.

7 circuit Labyrinth

Above is picture of my labyrinth. It is a 7 circuit labyrinth. My friend, Mark Williams, brought me a beautiful crystal rock for the center, which he found in the area where he lives in Floyd, Virginia. Apparently there are a lot of crystals hidden in among the rocks in that area.

Crystal Rock in Center

Sign in Book for Labyrinth

Beans and more beans. Since I'm using most of my land for my garlic project, I have had to plant my beans and tomatoes in containers. I have a mirror hanging in the labyrinth area so I decided to place some of the pots in front. This way, it will look like I have twice as many or more. I'm hoping the beans will travel up along the branches I've placed in front and climb over the mirror. It's a fun experiment. I'll try to remember to show pictures of how it looks later this summer.

Pole Beans Climbing to Mirror

Finally. After many years of hoping, wishing and dreaming, I decided to move forward on having an authentic Italian brick and stone pizza oven built. Lewis Conner has been a rock wall mason all his life and his work is phenomenal. Looks like another few days and it will be finished!!! I hope I can wait the long month before using while the oven cures. I'm gathering lots of pizza and bread recipes to use and hoping to be up and running by the 4th celebration we have here each year.

Lewis Hard at Work

Almost Finished

Look, the Chimney Has Been Placed!

Last but not garlic farm. I started it 2 years ago, experimenting really. This year, I cannot believe how wonderful a crop I have. Of course, I won't know how it really turns out until I dig up those golden nuggets. How I love garlic! I'm planning on braiding them and making all sorts of luscious dishes from them. I will probably be setting up on the market in July, if they are ready..but of course, you can't rush mother nature. I'll be selling my stoneware clay garlic keepers, garlic confit, garlic salts and sprinkles, garlic cheese round and pesto. There will be more items as well.

Small Area of Garlic Farm

I love the way this garlic keeper turned out. The glaze is a rich greenish shade almost a teal color. I used a crystal on the top next to hand sculpted bas-relief face. She is 4"w by 4" deep and almost 5" high. I have priced her at $32. She would make a lovely gift or a gift for yourself. If you'd like to purchase this one of a kind piece, please e-mail me and we can go from there.

Garlic Keeper


More excitement to come..lots more going on!


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  1. SUCH EXCITEMENT !! Nothing like a new pair of shoes & a hat to lift a girl's spirit .. Lucky Peggy !! Then there's Lily .. When will the garlic be ready for it's debut on the market ?? .. Trish

  2. Lovely post Cheryl. You have such a lot going on, love reading about it all :) We had a go at growing some garlic and harvested it at the weekend - but it was oh so tiny! I couldn't help but compare it to those gorgeous golden cloves you sent me. Still, it was fun to grow. Take care xx

  3. Oh my goodness! You have been busy and everything looks devine. Nice to see all of your work :)

  4. Hi Cheryl. So good to see you as always. Good luck with your garlic project. We have a lot growing as well as lots of onions. I use my garlic keeper all the time. Your pizza oven looks awesome. I think I will ask my husband about this and show him the pic's and maybe he will build me one. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Hugs to you Cheryl. I think of you. Take care.

  5. Such beauty, abundance and love you create around you! Peggy Pots is adorable and Lily is so seductive and beautiful! Enjoy your chimney, your garlic (yum!) and all the love that surrounds you!

  6. You are so fun! Just look at those girls...just love 'em Cheryl. and a pizza oven...oh look out, YUMS! I can smell your garlic from here ;) you sure do have a lot going on! GOOD STUFF HERE all around.
    and thank you for your encouraging and beautiful words left on my blog! xoxo

  7. What fun you are having!!! I am a garlic lover and had no idea there is such a variety! Love the barby and love Peggy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    glad I checked in, enjoy your summer time!


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