Tuesday, September 16, 2014




Sold. Thank you Leslie!

It's been a busy summer for me. There has been lots of preparation for my new garlic farm and tending my other gardens plus replacing several of my appliances! Of course, I found time to sculpt and just finished a new altar.

Sacajawea was born in 1788. She was of the Shoshone tribe and is best known as interpreter and guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition. Her calm attitude and dispostion during the expedition was recorded by all the men who kept diaries during the journey to the western United States. At one point their boat was hit by a sudden storm and her fast thinking saved all the of the important paperwork floating in the water and also valuable books. If you would like to read more about her, there are a lot of online sources. I liked the way one of my faces turned out because she had a look of steadfastness-I used her in my Goddess Altar and thought it appropriate to name her Sacajawea.


I used some beautiful irridized blue tiles and antique mirror in my mosaic of Sacajawea. She features one of my original stoneware clay faces. I decided to give her an ornate and stately headdress as well. She is 5"wide x 5" deep x 13" high. I have priced her at $125.00 The altar can be used for ceremonies or candles or even, as my son pointed out, a beautiful bathroom altar. If you are interested in purchasing her, you can do so directly from me by e-mail. You may also view more pictures of her on Etsy.

Close-Up of Mosaics

It Will Be Hard to Say Goodbye to Swimming

Planters Must Be Brought Inside Soon

Hip-Hop, Portulaca and Nustursium Overlooking the Grape Arbor


More Nustursiums

Blackberry Wine

I just read a really good book. “Blackberry Wine” by Joane Harris. She is the woman who wrote that all time favorite (of mine at least) Chocolat. Harris writes her story in the viewpoint of...guess what? A bottle of wine! You will love it. I get all my books now on Amazon and it was at a discounted price-I think $1.99. What a bargain.

Well, I'm off to planting my garlic. When the garden is planted, I will show you a picture. Thanks for visiting. More next week.

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  1. First, her face is so lovely, second,the details of the robe are gorgeous and third, love your garden!!!!!!!!
    And the book sounds so fun! What a bountiful post, thank you!!!

  2. She is beautiful Cheryl. Is she the lady featured in Night at the Museum? (we get to learn our history from all sorts of places!!)

  3. Awesome as always Cheryl. Hope you get loads of garlic. The book sounds interesting. Have a great week friend.

  4. she is another BEAUTY...so love how you connected her! thanks for the book tip Cheryl, I too get most of my books from amazon...love those prices. and can't wait to see photos of your garlic garden!

  5. What a wonderful creation, gorgeous as always.
    I'm so glad about your visit, cause I lost your blog link.
    I wish you a happy day,
    big hugs Anja

  6. What can I say Cheryl, beautiful face & mosaic, beautiful garden photos & I look forward to seeing pictures of your garlic garden too xx

  7. This looks like so much fun-so relaxing and beautiful all at the same time-thank you for your suggestion. I consulted with a vet who specializes in supplements-and we are on a regiment. it has only been one month and I am seeing a positive difference. My little girl is only 5 so it is so hard to imagine. Thank you again. xoxo E.


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