Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Herbalist Goddess Planter

Several of my customers have asked me to create more of my planters with pots on top of their heads. Usually they are very large and therefore more expensive. So, I've sculpted The Herbalist planter quite a bit smaller and more affordable, plus, she is just the right size to fit most surroundings (and lighter too!) So here is your chance to own a very unique planter.

Close-Up of Dragonfly

Here is the story I have given to her.


She is a teacher, healer, wise woman and keeper of the old traditions, Each day, with great reverence, she gathers the herbs for the needs of her many friends. Basil for love and good wishes, sage for wisdom and long life, rosemary for remembrance, lavender for devotion. Her garden is a special place. A place where birds and butterflys abound and where laughter and solitude each have their place and where some say, the secret to the universe can be found.....

~Cheryl Dolby~


The Herbalist is 6 1/2 wide by 10" high and 4" deep. I sculpted her with stoneware clay and used stains and glazes for the finish. She is priced at $135. If you would like to purchase her, please e-mail me and we can go from there. If anyone from another country would like to purchase, I can check on shipping to your country.

Thanks for viewing.

Close-Up of Glaze

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  1. I'm so glad to see you doing these again. I think they are so beautiful, of course, I'm in love with all your work..

  2. I'm in LOVE with the WHOLE DEAL Cheryl, seriously. and just love that idea with the pots on their heads! I hope you are enjoying your summer immensely!

  3. She's gorgeous Cheryl!

    I replied to you email earlier and forwarded the one I sent you last week too - hope they're getting through to you. If not, rest assured, my precious piece of art from you arrived safe and sound last week (plus garlic!!). I am very pleased to say the least :) xx

  4. Oh. Wow.
    This is so beautiful and resonates for me in so, so many ways! As always, your creations move me, inspire me and delight me. Thank you for that!


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