Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Full view of the Doran

I've been so busy this spring that I haven't had time to post my planter preview of available planters so I've decided to post just one. The Doran is special in that I used a beautiful crystal that sits among the clay leaves that adorn her crown. I hand sculpted her out of stoneware clay and she is 6”w by 6”deep x 11” high . I fired her to a high temperature in my kiln so that she can be placed outside all summer. She has a look of mystery upon her original hand sculpted face.


I think she'd make a lovely mother's day gift and I can ship immediately so that she arrives on time. I have priced her at $76. plus shipping. I prefer using Paypal or checks. If you are interested, you can e-mail me and we can go from there.

The Doran

Some call her a witch because in her presence, miraculous events sometimes occur. She is known to be able to cure many illnesses with the ointments, teas, tinctures and potions she makes with her herbs. She spends hours cutting, removing seeds, shredding roots, turning, drying, crushing, steeping and distilling. She uses eyebright, pennyroyal, primrose, lovage, borage and comfrey. She carefully watches the seasons: She dies with the winter and rises with the spring. She is totally in tune with the harmonics of nature because she is able to see on luminous levels. She believes we are all in some way linked together; the birds, flowers, trees and plants and somehow are part of something much greater than we are able to comprehend. She is majestic, serence and at peace with herself and the universe that surrounds her..she is a doran…

Cheryl Dolby

View of Back

Thanks so much for viewing~ Cheryl

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  1. Another beautiful creation...you are so inspirational.

  2. That is so pretty. Glad that spring is finally here.
    Happy day to you

  3. She's wonderful Cheryl! It will go fast. Have a wonderful day.

  4. i absolutely love this one Cheryl! i love how her body is with her face (such a face)! and i loved hearing this story. if we could go back in time, i have always thought i'd choose to be a MEDICINE woman! INSPIRATION you bring for me! xo

  5. your work is so organic...it is in perfect harmony with nature...you are vibrating perfectly with the rhythm of the Earth...just perfect Cheryl...
    and the teapots ♥!
    Love, Lisa

  6. Oh Cheryl, she is beautiful and I love her 'story'


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