Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Crystal Woman #1

I’m not sure but I think most artists tend to sell their favorite pieces. I know I do. My burning bowl series has been very popular, so much so that I sold every one that I made last year almost immediately after finishing it. That led to a slight problem. On New Year’s Eve, which is when I like to have a burning bowl ceremony, I had not one burning bowl left for myself. My friends Trish and Ben, who sell gorgeous crystals and fossils, gave me the most beautiful crystal which has some sort of a gold inlay. I have no idea of the value of it because I don’t know that much about crystals but I do know that it picks up the light and reflects rays all over the room. There was a stipulation that came with the gift. I had to make something for myself and had to promise not to sell it! So, here it is Trish and Ben…my Crystal Women Burning Bowlis not for sale - She’s mine!

View of Unusual Crystal Formation

I also received a pouch of other crystals that I could use in my work so I created Crystal Woman #2 and Crystal Woman #3 and they are for sale. They are each priced at $68.00. I chose the name from Lynn Andrews series of books that I read decades ago. I loved her story of Crystal Woman. Maybe some of you remember that series.

Crystal Woman #2

Sold. Thank you Trish!


Side View

If you would like to purchase either Crystal Woman 2 or 3, you can e-mail me directly and we can go from there. I like to use Paypal or accept personal checks.

Thank you again Trish and Ben.

Back View

Close Up of Crystal Formation

Crystal Woman #3


Back View

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  1. Trish Tuesday March 11, 2014
    FABULOUS, DARLING, simply fabulous!!!
    I am proud to say I am Trish of Trish & Ben

  2. You have been so busy Cheryl! These burning bowls and your tea vessels! All so intricate and magically wonder-full!
    I agree, my favorite pieces always sell first, I think that is why I am doing all of the re-working of my other pieces...if they don't shine as bright as they could, then they MUST!

    What a perfect gift those crystal were for you...and the promise of making something to keep.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Wonderful crystal, what a marvelous gift - and your friends were quite right- you absolutely should have your own unique piece. These burning bowls are magical.

  4. Excellent work. I'm glad you made yourself a burning bowl. I use mine a lot. Awesome work chrryl

    1. Sorry Cheryl. My iPad just doesn't want to type right.

  5. Wow they are all fabulous and congratulations on all those sales. Annette x

  6. Beautiful - all of them! So happy for your sales! Very well-deserving! xo

  7. Sorry I haven't visited for a while either Cheryl - look at all I've missed!

    That's fantastic that all your burning bowls sold that quickly - and what good friends you have for making you keep one for yourself - and very beautiful she is too.

    I love crystals (not for their spiritual meaning, I don't know anything about that I'm afraid), but I just love to see them sparkling in the sunlight. I have several hanging in my dining room window and it just gladdens the heart to see them in the sunshine xx

  8. Your burning bowls are wonderful … and how special that you have one all your own now. What a special gift Trish and Ben gave you.

    Great friends do inspire great Medicine.


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