Monday, February 25, 2013




"Sorrow" Completed

Crash glass is great to work with, especially if you love mosaics like I do. I developed a method of gluing together small pieces of irregular glass to form her dress. When I first worked on “Sorrow,” I had not taken any classes in oil painting and therefore, painted her face with acrylic. After I learned the Renaissance Oil method I loved the rich look of the oils so much that one by one, I began all my older paintings and redoing them.


I have a question for my readers. If I started a painting several years before, then reworked it recently, which date should I place on the painting? The date I had on it before the revision or the day that it is revised?

Side View

I have changed the date to 2013, even though it was first finished in 2010. I understand many Renaissance artists would hang paintings on the wall, take them down and rework them numerous times before calling them completed. I guess looking up the answer about the date will be another google project for me.

Detail of Glass


Her heart was breaking. Though she tried hard to forget, nothing could erase the pain. After years of unresolved sorrow, An inner voice spoke softly revealing a great truth, which she knew but had Somehow forgotten: “Everything in life comes full circle. What was will be and you shall be whole again.”

~Cheryl Dolby~

Sorrow is, now finished. If you are interested in purchasing her, you can see more views on Etsy and purchase there or contact me by e-mail. She is 12" w x 28" h x 1" deep. I love the way the glass sparkles when the sunlight shines on it.

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  1. Cher...she is a beauty. I love how you did the glass and WOW..the oils made such a difference. I think I would use the date that you actually finished the when you reworked it.


  2. Hi Cheryl. Love this piece. She stands out so brilliantly. It is always the date you finished the art. Even if it is reworked.
    Have a great week.

  3. I would use the finished date. Love this piece, crashed glass is very interesting. I also created a piece about 5 years ago, about sorrow, a fiber art piece. I called it Loves Sorrow after a German violin piece called Liebesleid, which means Loves's by Kriesler. That music would go well with your Sorrow.

  4. I absolutely love her! I thought you were good, but I was wrong. YOU ARE GREAT!

  5. Yeah, Diane, Cheryl just keeps getting better and better and better and better

  6. Oh my Cheryl! This is stunning! I love her! xxoo

  7. Your lady is stunning but that mantle is fabulous, x

  8. WOW what an amazing painting, love the soft peaceful facial expression, and the colorful dress. It's a breathtaking art work.
    Hugs Anja
    I have now your blogadress found with google, cause your comment adress with your Avatar don't work anymore? Please control and clock it on my blog.

  9. I finally figured a way to leave a comment, since I can't leave a comment on blogs with embedded comments. I had to go through my translator to do it, but it was worth it.

    This is a gorgeous piece. So rich and beautiful. I think you should revise the date to reflect the latest revisions.

  10. I think that you should put the date you finally finish!

    Isn't she beautiful - and that dress.... wow!!

  11. Stunning piece Cheryl, and I love the effect of the glass fusion. I agree with the other commenters - the date should be the latest revision of your work.

  12. She's so gorgeous, what a fabulous way to express her with colourful glass!

  13. Hi Cheryl! In my own biased opinion, I think you should paint the year you started the masterpiece.

    Regardless of the time issue, I would like to say that this has to be my favorite work of yours now. Sorrow is so beautiful! She has expressive eyes and the perfect face. Perfectly arched nose, the face contour, her hair and the intricate details of her clothing.. You never fail to amaze me Cheryl.


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