Thursday, December 27, 2012



Number 1 Timekeeper Features interesting purple beadwork

Sold. Thank you Francie

I have a few face jars left from Christmas sales if anyone is interested. They are priced reasonably at $25. each. I hand sculpted each face, added all types of interesting finds from the year’s antique and flea market shopping. The apothecary jars are 3” in diameter and hold 10 oz. of whatever you choose to place into them. I think candles or creams would be sublime. You could even place food items into them since the jar has a tight rubber seal. I’m sure my reader’s will find all sorts of uses for them I have never even thought of.

Number 2 Soaring Spirit Features an antique butterfly broach

Number 3 Feather Keeper Features small metal dreamcatcher and other Native American Looking Objects

Sold. Thank you Lisa

Number 4 Tree Crone Woman Features small gold metal tree

Sold. Thank you Francie!

Number 5 Blooming Spirit Features small gold butterfly and beadwork

Number 6 Renaissance Woman Features Antique Neck Piece

Sold. Thank you Lisa

I have numbered and named each one after the stories I write

View of Jar

Let me know if I can send one or more to you. Just e-mail me and we can go from there. They make wonderful special gifts for all occasions year round.

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  1. These are beautiful! Nice work indeed, Cheryl!

    Btw, have a Happy New Year ~ xx

  2. Lovely work Cheryl! Love them all! :)

  3. Fabulous artwork as always Cheryl. I especially love the first one. It must be such fun embellishing them with all sorts of little treasures - and practical too being little jars.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my Jane Austen paper doll too x

  4. Fantastic features compositions. Every work is different, but all are really pieces of jewellery.
    I wish you a happy, healthy and creative New Year,
    hugs Anja

  5. I love number one. I am such an American Indian fan and that one really caught my eye.
    Beautiful work and a great gift idea.
    Happy New Year Cheryl


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