Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Virginia's B-dazzled Crocs

Why would a person want to wear plain old shoes when they could have a pair of sparkly, glittery and be-dazzled crocs? At least, that’s the way I feel about it and apparently so does Virginia. You might ask, ‘Who is Virginia?’ Well, she is a very special member of my high school class who has given much time and energy every 5 years in preparing our school reunions as well as generally keeping the entire class together via her monthly newsletter.

I’ve known Virginia since junior high school where she and I and two other friends, Cheryl Harvey and Karen Gulakowski, sang on stage at all the school events and even were ‘hired’ to sing at Christmas parties all around town. Our music teacher thought “The Four Melodies” were destined for stage and screen. I wonder who thought up that name for us? It seems like we could have come up with something a little more spiffy.

Here Virginia is pictured with an adorable, ‘hip’ 50’s outfit.

Virginia made a comment on one of my blogs that featured my b-dazzled crocs. She said something to the effect that if she had those shoes, she’d wear them to our reunion. I decided to test her to see if she meant it by asking her if I made her a pair of my b-dazzled crocs, would she really, wear them to one of our events. She came back with “How nice of you to want me to have a pair of those special shoes. You are really so kind. Would I wear them for the reunion? You bet I would-all three days.” So, Virginia, the challenge is on. Your red, black and white (school colors) crocs featured in this post are on the way to your home. I wonder if there will be any beads left on those crocs after our fun-filled three day event!

Crocs-Side View

Crocs at My B-dazzled Art Car

Crocs Enjoying the Garden

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  1. Great shoes! Of course Virginia would wear them!

    I recently altered some plain canvas shoes for my daughter, but they aren't as spectacular as these!

  2. You knew this would get my attention!!!!!
    Fabulous, fabulous crocs, they make me smile!!!!!!!!
    Put these shoes on and have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow great shoes, fabulous bling and am sure Virginia will dance her little socks off with these on her feet. x

  4. How gorgeous and dazzling...totally wild and are always a magnificent creative soul...I have missed visiting you enchanting realm!

  5. I love these shoes. Now I will go out and buy some plain canvas shoes. Awesome shoes!

  6. Your creativity is endless. I am certain that Virginia will proudly wear these crocs and not because they are so beautiful (because they are), but because you made them for her.

  7. Oh wow these are splendid what a neat way to embellish crocs, I am sure Virginia will enjoy wearing the.
    I have a second give away on my blog you are most welcome to visit!

  8. Fan-tastic!!!You really brightened the day with Virginia's sparkly Crocs!

  9. What a sweetie you are, they look gorgeous

  10. Hello Healing Woman, I am tardy with a reply to you but I am very happy my blog post was such a hit with you and your daughter. I hope the cole slaw was as good as you all remembered it.

    That little book has great ideas, I need to use it even more since groceries don't seem to be getting any cheaper, do they?

    Hope you all have a nice Memorial Day.

  11. Oh I've missed you, you witchy, witchy woman! What magic you have created with these incredible planters! (I just wish I could buy one ;) But someday, someday, I shall ;))
    Until that time, I so enjoy reading about your creations as they come to life...I've missed you, my friend!


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