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Number 1 brochure

Those of us who grew up in the 50’s remember a special time of freedom. There are many nostalgic e-mails going around about how we, as children of the 50’s had an ideal kind of life back then. We would leave the house in the morning with our parents calling out to us,“be home before dark.” This was entirely true. Not only did we leave for the day but our parents couldn’t even reach us. Phones were attached to walls in those days. We were free! Often they’d ask us to lock the doors when we came in at night. Our door was a screen with a little hook latch.

Number 2 brochure

We bought ice cream drumsticks at our local Italian market, Joe’s, for .04 cents and rummaged through the basically unwrapped nut topped ice cream cone, peeking inside the thin, open paper and sometimes even feeling inside, to find the largest one. We would then hand Joe 2 glass ‘pop’ bottles for our refund totaling 04. cents.

There were no TV’s because, because even though they were just invented, most families could not afford to own one. We opted for the radio with programs like, The Green Hornet and Sky King or even, if we dared, The Shadow.

Number 3 brochure

The decades flew past and before we knew it, we landed in the year 2012. That’s a long stretch from graduation in 1962!

The reason for all this lamenting over the past is because our class of 1962 is about to have our 50th reunion in August of 2012. I must tell you, this is not just any class but a very special one, held together by a very special woman, Virginia Nagy Hall. She created a class newsletter which is comical as well as informative. In the newsletter, which she sends out once a month, she lists class members who are having special health problems and gives encouragement all the while filling us in on current events of classmates. She even started a facebook page for all of us to follow one another. She holds a ‘girl’s’ annual Christmas party and through her encouragement the ‘fellows’ have followed suit. We are all so thankful for Virginia.

Virginia Nagy Hall. Doesn't she look fiesty in her 50's garb?

With the upcoming reunion, there are many things that must be done. Securing facilities for our almost 500 class members and guests is no small chore. There are monies to sort through and a variety of other jobs. Among them, the task of creating a brochure listing all of the class members, including children, grandchildren, hobbies, world travels etc. Jennifer Anderson McGarry was gracious in volunteering for the job. This is a tedious undertaking which involves compiling a lot of facts. Now, finally, the purpose for this posting. Jennifer has asked me if I could come up with a cover for the brochure. My immediate response was a “Yes.” Of course, I am honored to help out with this. But now I’d like to ask a favor of my dear blog buddies and followers. I’ve come up with 3 samples so far for covers which I feel are descent but I’d like your opinion as to which one would be best suited. (Our school colors are red, white and black) I was thinking it might be a good idea to create one with a layered digital effect. By this I mean the misty, surreal look that digital artists achieve. Quite frankly, I don’t know how to do this! The effect might look good on the one with the female in the middle. She is supposed to be looking like she is remembering our time back in the 50’s. Then again, maybe I should have a male in that picture too? I’m wondering if I can give them a ‘ghostlike’ effect, sort of like they are going back to their past.

I look forward to your much needed and appreciated thoughts and advice on this subject. Thanks so much!

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  1. I love them all Cheryl and growing up in the 50's was great, when you look back you realise how lucky we were.
    But the last one is so dramatic and has the most impact, but then I guess its personal taste. Am sure you could have a vote on your Facebook page from your class of '62, x

  2. Okay, after reading this twice and looking at your 3 brochure covers over and over, may I say they are all wonderful. But as is, I believe #1) is very girlie, #2) is definately for the guys and #3) is a unisex kind of thing. If you add that male to #1 that would do it. Number One is number one in my book.
    As for this Virginia person, she looks like she would be the life of the party. Love the poodle skirt. Have Fun! Trish

  3. Cheryl , my vote is for number 3. Those colors pop and even though more simple than number 1, it still tells a story.

    If you knew how to layer you could maybe put a opaque image of your school on top of number 3 making it so you could see through the image.

    My vote is number 3. You did a great job on all three but I think number 3 is an eye catcher.

    Job well done Cheryl and you guys have a wonderful reunion !

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your life in the 50s. I'm a child of the late 70s and early 80s and my life was pretty similar. I collected and turned in glass pop bottles too. :) I think all three of the covers you created are fabulous but there is something about the clean lines and simplicity of the 3rd cover that speaks to me. As far as advice on digital effects, I'll leave that to the graphic artists! lol. Enjoy your reunion!

  5. Good memories. I could relate to a lot, except that I am from the class of '72. The reunion stuff sounds great. I vote for the last's very cool.

  6. The first one is very "you" but if you think it's too "feminine" maybe replacing your lovely goddess with the school logo would work. I really like the photos surrounding the edge...The last one is sharp but it doesn't evoke the same nostalgic feeling as the first two do.

    Have fun!!!

  7. All of your samples are great. The first sample is very reflective of your trademark. If I would choose though, I go for the third. I love the chains and the transition of the years. Hope this helps Cheryl. ENjoy your grand reunion and please blog about in the future!

  8. When I first saw these, I thought Number 3 was the best, because it is neutral and uncluttered, yet still tells a story. When I got to the comments, I saw others liked 3 best, too. Guess several of us are in favor of that one. I think you are going to have fun with this reunion, and Virginia looks very 50s stylish. Sorry, I didn't know the 50s!

  9. The good old days eh Cheryl! The re-union sounds as though it's going to be a lot of fun.

    I know nothing about digital work I'm afraid so can't help on that but I've looked at your three brochures covers and think I prefer the middle one (number 2) the best as it has a 50s retro feel to it. I did like the first one, but as you say maybe there should be a male face on there too (love her wistful, relective look). I also like the third one - really up to date and beautifully designed. I still think I'd go for number two though.

    Hope this helps - good luck with deciding!!

  10. Hi Cheryl,

    Thank you once again for all your encouraging words.

    Your reunion will be great! I think we all miss the care free days of when kids could walk out their door and experience the freedom of being a child and having fun.

    I like the photo of Virginia, it reminded me of our 'sock hop' party in grade six, those were the days.

    Have a great time!

  11. I think it's wonderful that you all still know each other and have reunions. With moving from England to Canada I never had that. I didn't grow up in the 50's really so I don't recall doing the things you did, but it sounds like fun. I hate that everyone has cell phones now, do they have to be constantly in touch with everyone? Drives me nuts, my daughter too, always texting...

  12. Yay..gorgeous fun-spirited post..beautifu..and oh my.. i totally love her pink skirt! How wonderful to reconnect and celebrate special times!! yay..shine on!Enjoy....

  13. Thank you for the stroll down memory lane. I arrived in the late 50s but still remember going out for hours at a time, coming home only to eat (and that might have been at a friend's home) and returning home for suppertime. No phones. Just trust … in each other, in our Selves and in the world.

    Thank you for this powerful Medicine.

    Enjoy the planning and plotting for the reunion!

  14. #3 gets my vote. For ghostlike images play around with your layers and opacity. Opacity will "fade" the image.


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