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Morning Song Sculpture

Any time I finish a sculpture that has a rich, ancient and ethnic feel to it, I seem to name it Morning Song, which is one of the stories in my She Who Whispers book. I used an old rug from my stash of fabrics. The rug that I used as her cloak, looks rather tribal and it may be a Turkish Kilim. I googled it but couldn’t find the source. If anyone knows the origin of this rug, I'd really appreciate it if you would let me know.


I used to feel guilty about cutting up something so ancient but now I just tell myself that it is being repurposed to create one of my Goddess sculptures that will bring just as much pleasure to the owner as it sits on the sculpture stand as it would have as the rug on the floor.

I used a variety of beads and other fabric and an old vessel, which I am almost sure came from India.

Side view

During my sculpture class next summer, we will be creating a similar Goddess. You can find all the details for the class on the top right hand side of my blog. I have one space left in the Figure class and three spaces left in the Faces class. Hope you will join us here at Woodloft for a memorable week.

Another side view

Here is the Morning Song story.

“ Morning Song”

She woke up this morning feeling different.
She heard the sounds of this morning and
yet the sounds of many other lifetime mornings
were returning. She heard the infinite sound
of distant runic bells, a call to alms, merchants
voices echoing over the river Nile, sheep
bleating on a pastoral hillside, roosters, guns,
flutes, chimes, laughter, weeping..for she had
heard all these mornings and she had heard
all these sounds before. It was as if they were
all becoming one great great
morning..this morning....and she knew that all
the returns of mornings purpose was to teach
her the uniqueness and significance of this
morning...of now.

~Cheryl Dolby~

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  1. Oh I love the feel of this piece, she resonates with SOUL! And the words you put with her, SO perfect....thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh gorgeous! Such a beautiful, beautiful statue,you have made! In awe! :)

  3. Stunning Cheryl, I love all the different elements you've used too x

  4. Beautiful sculptured face Cheryl, she looks so wise and loving all her adornments and the rug is very special also. Enjoy your week, Annette x

  5. She looks so wise. She is beautifully dressed.
    I am enjoying my lovely offering lady by you! I see her each day in my garden. I'll post some pictures(I have been meaning to sooner)!!!

  6. Cheryl; she is amazing! I love how you used different elements - her dress is incredible! I keep going back to look at her again! Magical! xxoo

  7. She is beautiful and I like the way she is standing, holding the vessel out in front of her, as if to say, "Here, take some of my acquired wisdom." She looks kind, caring, and willing to share what she has learned through the ages. There is a softness in her appearance that sets her apart from all of the others.

  8. Cheryl your sculptures always move me and this one seems to stare right into my soul. You have such talent. She is so full of wisdom, like she's lived a thousand lives.

  9. Beautiful, wise, old soul, so many lives she must have lived, so many deaths she must have experienced. I love her facial coloring.
    as always, Trish

  10. I love that you use antiques in your art...adding vibrations of the past makes your sculpture even more magical.

  11. As always, I am impressed with your art. And using old, probably long forgotten, fabric bits to add to your sculptures makes it seem even more realistic. Lovely.

  12. Thank you so much for your sisterly love! HUGS!

  13. I love your blog and had to share it today. I simply love the work you are doing.

  14. I love this piece Cheryl an the story that goes with it :)

  15. Wow..magnificent..i am always in such awe of your work! Stunning and so special..everything you create carries a powerful essence to it..shine on!!


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