Friday, September 2, 2011



My sparkly b-dazzled web-toed shoes

I am the secret salesman for Vibram shoes. By that I mean, they haven’t hired me or paid me a single penny for my labors and yet I go out and about, here and there promoting their webbed toed shoes.

This madness all started when I pulled a tendon in my knee during the summer and had a hard time walking in my regular sandals. My friend, Trish, had been having problems with her back and recommended the web shoes to me. After trying them on, I was hooked. My walking improved and I’m thrilled to say, by adding a few little gems to the toes, they match my B-Dazle car!

My feet now match my car!!!

We are having our Labor Day, birthday party combo on Monday and I have purchased a pair for my son-in-law. As a little joke, I’m attaching the sparkles to each of the toes on his shoes before I gift wrap them. Of course the sparkles are the kind that just peel off. Won’t he be surprised when he opens his gift to see these very feminine sparkled web toes! Just think, he will have shoes to match his mother-in-laws!

Ya gotta have some fun these days

Also, I wanted to give everyone the heads up that I have just added my new class schedule to my right hand side bar. I’m thrilled to say that I only need one more student for the Sculpting the Figure in Clay class since all of the previous class members have registered for the new class! You can check out both of these classes by clicking here

Sculpting the Figure in Clay
Click here for details.

Faces, faces, faces
Click here for details

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  1. Love those toes! Gotta get me some of those shoes before the cold comes. Hope your son in law likes his twinkle toes too! lol

  2. The Vibroom shoes is one of the greatest shoe creations. It may not be that stylish but hey, there are talented people like you who can make them beautiful and oh so feminine!

  3. I love tabbies. Anyway that is what we have always called them from Japan. The bedazzled toes do give it more of an American look. LOL

  4. Hello twinkle toes! So cool, I've always wondered about these shoes! Love what you've done to them, jazzing them up!

  5. Happy Friday, Cheryl! WOW, I have never heard of Vibroom shoes. I have been long suffering plantar fasciitis in my right foot for over a year now. I love to go barefoot in the house, which a no-no. Perhaps I shall give these a try! I love the sparkle factor ... hey, in my opinion, a girl can never have too much bling!

    Cheryl, I can't thank you enough for the lovely comment you left on my most recent post. I have left a reply there to your words. When you have a moment, stop by for its quick read. Wishing you fabulous weekend ... party on, my friend!

  6. What cute shoes!! Especially love the added jewels which frankly take them to a whole new level!!

  7. Brilliant fun, love them. The sculptures are beautiful, your class are going to be so very lucky. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  8. LOL Too cute Cheryl! Are they really that comfortable? Love your sculptures.

  9. I've never heard of those Vibroom shoes till now, and I love what you have turned them into. I'm delighted that you were able to fill your class so quickly for the next time. Now maybe you'll get some lucky international student.

  10. Just a quick note to let you know I've moved to
    Hugs! Julie

  11. Wow... I am not sure which has bedazzled me more... your twinkle toes or the small section of car that is visble!! You certainly won't be overlooked in the crowd and I bet you can find your car in a nanosecond when its in a multi story car park!! ;) Now need to go and google these shoes... you say they are comfortable? You sure? I remember having socks with individual toes and they were weird to wear...

  12. LOLOLOL!!!
    Cheryl, you are just like me...even great things can be jazzed up! I used the woodburner on my Dr Scholls wooden heel!
    Mia has a pair of those shoes...just the thing for pointe shoe relief!

  13. Ingenious! And very 'you'. Congratulations on the class news, that's wonderful!

  14. Yep you are a salesman for those shoes,hahaha
    I wonder if they would let me wear them at work?I have always wanted to do what you have done to your car,Love it!Now come on can't we see the rest?

  15. i tried those on once and they were incredibly comfy...
    I want to see the CAR!!!! Please?

  16. your art is truly gorgeous. but those toes really make a statement! all the best. xo

  17. I've never seen these before Cheryl, but have a feeling SIL will enjoy his new gift, especially with painted toes!!!

  18. There is such a vital force in your sculptures Cheryl, beautiful body expression and an inner power to these figures. So many sculptures are static or inactive feeling but yours just breathe with life! As for the shoes these are marvelous.. I wear toe socks all winter but these look totally cool for the rest of the year- I must try these!!

  19. Cheryl, your twinkle toes are darling!!! would love to be a fly on the wall when you give your SIL his twinkle toes! LOL
    Beautiful sculpture! no wonder your class filled up so fast!
    hugs Lynn

  20. WOW love those toes, I've never seen! Gorgeous sculptures too!
    Have a nice weekend,
    hugs Anja

  21. Cheryl" THAT ALWAYS WOW'S ME BIG TIME" with the most beautiful spirit that shine's so brightly !!!
    I just adore you thoughts and what you enjoy in life. I love love the artful happINESS that screams I am "me" an artist and I love to be fun ..
    Oh Cheryl one day I have to meet you and give you a big thank you hug in person. I always take such positive feeling away visiting your creative spirit blog.
    Love you,have a super day..Those shoes make anyone smile. Happy Creating and love your new creations as well always. Huggers to you,Laura. xoxx Gotta love those soulful art shoes, artist shoes that fit well.LOL Enjoy..

  22. OMG! I hope you took a picture of your SIL's face as he opened his B'day gift to find the bedazzled shoes!!! Hahahah!!!! I'm sure he'll love them. I haven't tried them, but everyone I know who has is in love with them. And good for YOU for filling your class so quickly!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  23. I am a secret Vibram's seller too, but mine are nothing compared to yours... I would have never thought about it in a million years. Too funny! I can't imagine the look on your SIL's face! There had to be a lot of laughter!


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