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"Grandmother Tree"

I’m not sure when I first began my “Grandmother Tree” series but it makes sense that I did. I love the trees and have surrounded myself with them for as long as I can remember. I write about them, read about them and view them daily from the tree house I call Woodloft, which is my home.

Here is the story I have written and associated with my series.

“Grandmother Tree”

The trees are alive! She wandered
into the garden early one morning
and she heard them speak to one another..
It was a language spoken on another another vibrational time
frame. They spoke of healing with power
and energy and of the relationship between
energy and matter.

She was drawn to an ancient Chinese
Elm and as she leaned her body next to the
base, somehow she felt immersed
in the tree and felt herself slip into the
tree..was one with the
tree and knew that she was the tree.....

~Cheryl Dolby~


Outside view

If you would like to read more about this series you can check it out here where I show various other trees that I have created.

My grandmother tree has driftwood from a lake nearby, moss from Woodloft, one of my original clay faces and various other woody type items. Hope you like her. She is 5”x8” and priced at $68.00 You can e-mail me if you are interested in purchasing her. I take all major credit cards or Paypal. I have also listed her on ebay.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Beautiful words for a beautiful piece Cheryl.
    We couldn't be more different on our blogs Annette x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and the story gave me chills(good ones)!

  3. You've captured the soul that lies within the trees. The beauty you put into each piece of the series, to the smallest details, reflect such peace and wonder of Mother Nature!

  4. Cheryl,
    She has the soul of the tree, that is for sure. Its official, Claire has mono. Now I pray that she can conserve enough energy to perform at the end of next week.

  5. There is a voice in me that speaks of trees as the highest form of life on this planet....they give so much, take so little...and never, ever, start wars...xoxoxo
    You're Grandmother Tree is wonderful!

  6. Hello Cheryl! I'm glad to know some information about your grandmother. I also love trees and the atmosphere it provides. :) Your artwork never fails to amaze me.

  7. Oh she is so wonderful- you've really invoked the essence of communing with nature- I LOVE this!

  8. What a stunning composite of materials, Cheryl! Mother Nature is smiling -- I'm SURE of it! Hugs, Terri xoxox

  9. Lovely. I have always felt a connection with trees, especially the cedars and fir trees that I grew up with in Canada. You are an inspiration through your caring and upbeat personality!

  10. aww this is lovely, you are so creative. Hugs and happy Friday

  11. Happy Friday, Cheryl! Another lovely creation from your talented mind and hands. As you know, I too love trees. They are such peaceful, woody plants that always seem to be playing a melodious tune. Your piece has brought forth a new dimension of life to these ever so graceful perennials.

  12. Absolutely wonderful, Cheryl.

  13. Cheryl you not only have amazing talent but a wonderful way with the written word.
    hugs Lynn

  14. This is absolutly wonderfull.
    Your faces sre so amazing

  15. Stunning piece, she just looks beautiful!!


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