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Fres-go Collage Box

She led a charmed life. All of her needs were met. All of her desires were filled. But..she was lonely. Her days were spent in questioning her stagnant existence. She felt as though there was something inside of her waiting to burst out. But how could she ignite that spark. That fire..

She grew older. Time was good to her and there were no lines on her face. In her old age, she knew that she had escaped feeling. She had not loved or been loved and she finally knew that the flame within her was love..flickering..waiting to be freed. Knowing this, she unlocked the door to her heart and love emerged to show the way..

I wrote this story years ago and it appears in my book, "She Who Whispers." Is it possible to fall in love in your old age? I have known people who have been smitten in their 70's. I think we are all capable of love, it is a matter of allowing it to happen.

Another angle of box

Inside of box

I created Autumn Bloom by using a very stury box, not a cigar box, but a box with a wonderful dovetail finish. This box has manufacturer dates and details stamped into the bottom. I’ll have to get a magnifying glass to be able to read the small print but it said it was made in Pennsylvania. I love knowing how old the various items I use for my artwork are. Sometimes I try to imagine what kind of life the item had. Where was it used? How was it used? Who did it belong to? Where did that tiny nick come from? I used small purchased tiles along with one that I hand made in my “fres-go” style. Click here if you’d like to read about the process. I grouted the tile and finished the interior with upholstery fabric.

Glass tile

Click here to view Autumn Bloom at my Etsy store.

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  1. Magical!!Beautiful Cheryl...such a creative and gorgeous piece..with many layers of enchantment and mystery ! is powerful..and ever present..trascends time, space and is a grand sparkle!
    HUgs ..have a fabulous day...thanks for sharing your magic and talent!

  2. The eye's are so bright and blue I love it. such a cool idea! where did you get the box? I like how you put tile in it. I like working with tile. hope you have a artsy day! ;)

  3. Gorgeous! I really like the inside, too! I also enjoy imagining the past uses of objects with previous lives.

  4. Beautiful work and interesting story. I think we are all capable of LOVE at any age. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing that story. I was close to 50 when I finally found real love.

  6. Wow, beautiful piece.
    I believe you can find love at any age.
    We are all just people, some have just been here longer.
    Lovely words!

  7. Now this one I'm NOT going to miss. And yes, I think love can bloom at any age. But most of all, I think this box is superb as is the girl you chose for the box lid.

  8. Beautiful Cheryl. I love the colourway that you have used in this, and the painting is
    beautiful. Love at any age? Yes, definitely.


  9. very nice to have functional art in our homes....we are always able to love!

  10. We know that love can bloom at any age because of our mutual friend, Christine. It may also bloom in a city that you may never have expected to land in!

  11. Trish said: as JoMo said: Wow, beautiful piece.

  12. Her eyes are truly captivating- I love your stories as well Cheryl- they capture the imagination and take us to unexpected places. Yes I do believe love can bloom in old age- it will be richer and more honest. What a lovely post!

  13. The fres-go glass tile is like finding a treasure hidden in the earth and brought to light. It takes my breath away.

  14. magical and beautiful! i love the story and yes, i believe in love at any age. now the aging with no wrinkles?? hum...that would be cool! maybe she uses your magic cream!

  15. I love reading the stories behind your pieces. I hope she finds love!!

  16. She is wonderful and absolutely deserves to find love. BTW, her eyes are AMAZING!

  17. Beautiful work, Cheryl!!! And, of course, it IS possible to fall in love - no matter what your age. My good friend lost her husband about ten years ago. They really were true soul mates and had a very loving close relationship. She said she's never, ever want another man in her life.

    Well . . . . she called me last month and was squealing like a teenager!!!!! Yup! She's in love for the first time in years and years. She was SOOOOoooooo happy, it made my heart sing and dance in joy!!!!! All things are possible in the Universe!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  18. Late love - absolutely. Took me 40 years to find it.
    Fresco/go -what a fascinating process, I did enjoy reading about it in this post and the link, Cheryl. One day, when I have space I would love to try.

    Lovely picture of you in beautiful Italy! x

  19. Your box is fabulous, the painting beautiful, love her eyes. I don't see why one cannot find love later in life - your books sounds intriguing.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments.

  20. Cheryl your box is gorgeous and the story wonderful, love how you decorated the lid and I like the fabric inside the box. Have a nice weekend.

  21. hmmmmm...for a moment I thought you were telling my story - as I tend to be a bit of a hermit at times....but I have felt LOTS and loved loved loved! An interesting beginning to your story.

    As for falling in love - I think it has no 'time limit' or age restrictions...and I've been blessed over the years to watch 'it' happen to friends in their 70's and beyond. I can't imagine it could be any other way.

    Beautiful box Cheryl - I admire your courage to grout!

  22. Hello dear Cheryl,
    Another lovely creation conjured by your ingenuous mind and talented hands. She is lovely ... Most definitely, I believe we can fall in love in our elderly ages, for love knows no bounds ... I was in my early thirties when I found love. I think as we mature we begin to appreciate the depth of others. We are more apt to seeing the gifts that lay within a potential soul-mate rather than outer appearances. We seek a partner in life ... someone with whom we can share all aspects of our life! It is never to late to fall in love!

  23. Love your story Cheryl and I know love can happen at any age. The portrait is powerful and illustrates the story in the most wonderful way!

  24. Cheryl your boxes are so beautiful down to every last detail!

  25. Cheryl, you've added to the mystery of this box with your beautiful art. She's so beautiful--you want to know the rest of her story as well as the vintage box.

  26. Hi Cheryl.. your work is spectacular!!! I had to order something.... wish I could do more. Thank You always & yes I live here in Ocala Florida come anytime for a visit! xoxo Laura

  27. She is a lot like you.

    Being in love is almost a full time job...anyone CAN be in love, but, really, I am either too old, or not old enough. Although the truthful person inside me tells me I am just too self-absorbed and cynical. My partner will agree...
    But. I love LOVE. I just don't express it my partner's dismay.

    Thank you, Cheryl, for your undersanding comments on my blog.
    And for your thought-provoking are always on my mind...


  28. WOW I'm speechless again, your beauty is so realistically portrayed, she looks alive! I'm absolutely delighted with your color illustration. The whole box is a really jewel.
    Have a nice sunday,
    hugs Anja from germany

  29. I like to think that we can fall in love at any age :) I know I am still "in love" after knowing my husband for 33 years, so anything is possible and I hope your lady found her true love. Beautiful story and a beautiful piece of art.

  30. Beautiful once again. I love the story attached with her. Yes...I don't think age much matters when it comes to love.


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