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Have you heard? Hats are making a comeback. I’m really glad because I just love to see a man in a fedora or a beret. I think of writer Ernest Hemmingway or all the great movie stars of the 40’s like Clark Gable and Gregory Peck. It’s not just men’s hats that are staging a comeback but women’s hats as well. Just think of all the advantages of wearing one. You can look distinguished, homespun, extravagant, reverent, nautical, whimsical to say nothing about younger since the shade from the hats will usually disguise a few eye wrinkles.

If those points of inspiration don’t cause you to run out and buy or make one, think about this. Whenever I used to sport a hat while having lunch with a friend, who also had a hat on, we would find a drink mysteriously appearing at our table. One time, it was even a bottle of champagne! In that case, the champagne was delivered with a note reading: “It is refreshing to see women who care enough to look their finest-thanks for wearing the great hats.” Or something like that.

Often times people ask me where I come up with the stories I attach to my pieces. I was fortunate enough to have exhibited at art shows for many years and met women from all walks of life and in various stages of their lives. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to really listen to what they were saying because I learned a great deal and was able to include some of their wisdom in my stories. One woman in particular came to mind as I looked at my finished painting. Her name was Rosie. This sweet woman told me she had lost her husband but couldn’t take off her wedding ring. She said that she wore it for many years after he had died. Then, one day she realized that she was living in the past and had to go on with her life. Well, the story I wrote is reminiscent of hers but I changed it a bit so that it could be applied to different situations, like divorce. It’s a simple little story but probably meaningful for many women, whether they are wearing a ring or not.


The bloom and innocence of youth matures and deepens into the serenity of wisdom. One day, without remorse, without regret, the symbol of unity and all that had been, gave way to all that is and will be…Rosie removed her ring.

View of Rosie from the bottom

Our Little Supper Club had a picnic on Sunday. The setting for this particular outing was so striking and had such history involved that I decided to do a complete posting of Nancy Markoff's historic home on another post. We had no major theme for the party except we decided it was a good idea to wear hats. Not everyone did but here are pictures of some of them.

Stephanie in her "Ya Ya" hat

Elizabeth, on left, and Trish, on right wear their squishable travel hats

Yours truly in a hat that I made for the occasion.

As far as the picnic food went, I couldn’t even begin to describe the offerings. It was all delicious but I thought I’d just show you what I brought this time and give the recipe. Even though this cake tart looks and tastes like an authentic French pastry, it is one of the easiest recipes I make. Noone can ever guess the ingredients. I normally do not use pre-mixed anything and I love fresh natural ingredients but I do make an exception with the cake tarts. It's probably not a good idea to double click it if you are terribly hungry right now.

Strawberry Cake Tarts

Strawberry Cake Tarts


1 box of 2 frozen pie shells
1 can of whipped vanilla frosting
1 box of yellow cake mix
1 large jar of strawberry preserves
Powdered sugar

l.Roll out pastry shells and cut in rounds to fit cupcake pans. You can use the large or tiny ones.
2. Fill unbaked shells half full with the strawberry preserves
3. Make the cake mix according to directions on the box and place by spoonfuls over the preserves
4. Bake in a 300 oven til the cake rises-about 25 minutes but check often.
5. Remove, cool completely and ice with frosting and smatter powdered sugar over the top. Yum. You can place in the refrigerator if there are any left. They are even delicious cold the next day. This recipe will make approx. 18 regular cupckaes, depending on how thin you roll the pastry dough. It takes no time at all to make and almost everyone who tastes it, raves about it.

Why not have a picnic or make a hat or even...remove a ring? Have fun!

Rosie is for sale at my etsy shop. Here is a detail of the background in the picture below. I brushed Texture Magic Dimensional Paint over a stencil and then sanded it down a bit and painted to match background color. I love working with this paint because it dries in a relatively short time and works well with stencils. Be sure to clean your stencil off immediately though since the paint is hard to remove.

Detail of stencil work on background

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  1. I love hats, but rarely wear them. Has to be really cold outdoors. I've got a nice variety, but end up with headaches. Now, those strawberry cake tarts look scrumptious.

  2. Beautiful Inspiring post..gorgeous art..yummy recipe..enchanting hats!! Lovely!

  3. Cher...this was a wonderful post. It warmed my heart...a great way to start off my week. I love your was beautiful!!!! The Chazman will be wanting me to make those yummy sounding tarts..thank you for the recipe.


    I have the need to design a hat now!!!!

  4. When I was in my 20's in NY I always wore a hat, not only was it stylish but it served to cover my grey emerging stripe everytime I needed to dye my hair. Since I've gone dark again I see my strip has begun to emerge after only two weeks so perhaps it's time to look for a hat again. Thanks for the inspiration! PS Love Rosie and the sweet treats too...

  5. Oh yea Cheryl, great story and women everywhere can relate, I am sure! Thanks for you inspiring comment on my blog. Just like yourself (only different) I hope that people can get into my head and fell my life...I try to be truthful. That is how I feel about your blog and why I keep coming back over and over. I can feel you life and I love it (at least this part of it). Thank you. I feel like I am on a vacation when I read your blog, or I am at a really cool party. Through your art I feel connected with the world. OK now I am blabbering...

  6. Great story!
    The tarts look so yummy...I wonder how the would be with puff pastry in place of the pie crust?
    And...You look BEA-U-TI-FUL!!!
    Your spirit really shines :)

  7. First of all ... I must say, those strawberry tarts looks DELIGHTFUL!!! I too have always found hats to hold a bit of intrigue. And I so admire those who can wear them. I slipped one on once for a day and felt like another woman!

    Rosie is beautiful, Chery. I so appreciate the story that accompanies her ... "the serenity of wisdom" ... so eloquently written. The ending gave me chills ... :)))

  8. Rosie is adorable in every way. I really like the back story and yours as well. I think I bought some of that Texture Magic once. Your mention of it reminded me, and I will have to see if I have the same stuff. Mine you have to knead to stir it, and it came in a color: yellow, not my favorite, but fun to play with.

    Hats are fun, but I have trouble wearing them. I suffered heat stroke when I was in my late teens and whenever I cover my head, the heat stays in the hat and exacerbates the problem. Nice in winter, not so in the heat.

    However, I was delighted to see your lovely hat and smiling face. Thanks for sharing the party with us.

  9. Cheryl;
    What a beautiful heart wrenching post. I love the way you took that woman's story and shortened it to perfection. Your painting of "Rosie" is just gorgeous! I would love to feature her on my blog with your story if that's okay? It's posts like this that inspire me so much! I love hats! Those ladies chose theres perfectly and that dessert looks mouth watering! I must be hungry too! LOL

  10. I wear hats all the time, they make me feel better!!
    your painting is exquisite and this whole post a joy to see!

  11. Hmm, I've never been sure that I suit hats - you do though! Love the Rosie story. I think every picture needs a story (but you probably guessed that already anyway!)

  12. I don't get out enough to notice whether or not hats are making a comeback, but two women that I sat with at our local jazz festival this past weekend wore hats. I remember thinking how good they looked.

    I like your hat and "Rosie's" too. :)

  13. Reading you is like tapping into a great well of wisdom, like stepping into a warm bath of knowledge! I simply adore what you said in this post...and I too love hats. When they aren't IN fashion, it really makes you feel like you stand out in the world wearing one...but I like standing out too, so it's all good with me!

    great story, great writing, great hats....great post!

    and thanks so much for stopping in to see me too!

    ciao bella
    I'm off to browse through your blog...I'm sure there is so much that I've missed while I was away!


  14. Rosie is wonderful as are you in your yellow- bowed hat! Hats always give me attitude - I feel a little like I'm role playing when I wear one. In the winter I love berets and this summer I've been sporting a straw fedora. Love your post and as always thank you for dropping by my blog!

  15. Another delightful post... thank you! When I lived in the Haight Ashbury in the '60s I used to wear and make outrageous hats - with feathers, flowers, jewelry, and silky, flowing fabric. Because I had to wear scrubs all day at work, I loved being flamboyant away from work. Your hat is just perfect - so summery and fresh! I enjoy hearing about your supper club's parties - such a fun idea and the food always looks wonderful! Thanks for posting the recipe... I'm going to make it for this weekend's dessert (DH and I are down to desserts once a week in an attempt to make less of ourselves.) Rosie is so beautiful - I love her dress!

  16. This is such an incredible post, I love every inch of it!! Your painting is outstanding and the meaning behind it makes it remarkable. You are an inspiration!!

  17. I love hats too, they're not just for bad hair days! The painting is delicious. Beautiful skin & eyes.
    I just made some apricot you've got me thinking they would be great in tarts :)
    Great post.

  18. Cheryl ~ so nice meeting you the other day ~ your art, your blog, your words are divine! I had to post about you!

  19. Your words are just a feast.....I have so enjoyed my visit with you today.....Your blog is beautiful and wonderful and full of wisdom........

    It's been a delight getting to know you...

    Hugs and blessings

  20. Hi Cheryl, what a great tribute to HATS!! We wear hats in Australia as a MUST because our sun is fierce! But sadly, they're not seen as a fashion accessory :(
    Thanks for visiting my blog and most of all, thank you for your encouraging comments. It really lifted my spirits and has wanted me to create more.

  21. I just loved your post. What a fest. I had so much fun pretending I was wearing a hat too. What a great painting. The name Rosie for some reason fits her. Thanks so much, I had a lot of fun.

  22. Oh thats it , I am bringing out my hats for spring :D . I love hats but i look terrible in beanies hahah.

    I love Rosie. She is very beautiful.

  23. I LOVE hats, I love how they make me feel glamourous - you are so right!
    Rosie looks magnificent in her hat and her story is one that as you say most women can relate to.

    I remember one time in Spain when I was wearing a hat while shopping and was approached by a very handsome Spanish man who told me I looked guapa (beautiful) my family were highly amused but it made my day xxx

  24. What a beautiful post, Cheryl- it has a little of everything; some of your gorgeous heart warming art (I LOVE the texture you used in the background AND the flowers on the hat:)) delicious food and a bit of fashion advice! I too am now feeling the need to make a hat!
    Cheers and thanks as always for your wonderful words- they always brighten my day!

  25. What a lovely and delicous post and another good reason to participate in art shows--your collection of memories of people from all walks of life.
    Thanks for sharing that delicous recipe and your background technique--one to try.

  26. Cheryl what a delightful post about hats! Such a creative way to tie your lovely work and photos together. I adore hats, I attend a local Easter Luncheon every year and everyone wears hats. Mine tend to be very out of the box and fall into the most creative category,LOL. We always have a wonderful time and seeing 300+ hats is always enjoyable. So glad they are making a comeback.

    Your tart looks yummy!

  27. Lovely, lovely hats - my favourite item of clothing. Yours is fab, very "refined English Lady at afternooon tea" and Rosie looks pretty good in hers too!
    I am not.....looking at the................delicious tarts....., will not succumb.......and be tempted......... Ok I did! Yum yum yum!

  28. Love your painting, your hats and Rosie's story. And of course I did double click the pastries and boy they do look yum!!

  29. Thank you Cheryl, you gave me a lovely smile and warm feeling this morning, yet another beautiful post.
    Your painting is delicious as are the tarts by the look of them. I love the texture, it just makes Rosie herself pop right out of the canvas.
    You look fantastic in that hat, and your friends are not looking to shabby either :) I never wear a hat I just look ridiculous in them for some reason but I do love them.
    Thank you too for the lovely story, I think a lot of women can relate to that.
    Have a super day,

  30. Hats are such fun! I love the story about the drinks and champagne arriving. You and your hat are gorgeous!

  31. What a terrific story! I do love the story of Rosie. I came over by way of Kelly's journal. Blog hopping is so much fun! I am anxious to see the rest of your site.

    Stop and visit us if you would like. My daughter and I make repurposed jewelry but the blog isn't all about that! Wish I could have just had "Katsui" but it was taken!


  32. Rosie is beautiful, as are your friends - and you too!

    (I LOVE hats!)

  33. Cheryl;
    Thanks so much for commenting on my Dance Like David page. I appreciate your comments immensely! Hugs and hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Blessings to you.

  34. This past summer, I passed on the rose ring Douglas had given me to my granddaughter. She was so pleased. It had been eleven years since his death and it was time. He had ordered it from a James Avery catalogue b/c rose was the flower in Robbie Burns' poem, "My love's like a red, red rose..." and Douglas was Scottish. I loved that ring and am glad it has found a new home.

  35. What a fantastic painting, I love hats, but never wear them, I look silly with a hat, you look great with a hat on, oh these cakes looks delicious I'm sure they must taste good, with a nice cup of tea, have a creativ week Cheryl.
    Hugs Anni

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