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Linda Jo

If you are looking for a face painting artist, I can tell you exactly who to go to. Her name is Sally Edelman of Face Painting FANTASY. Sally is responsible for painting all of the faces I will be showing you on my Halloween post of the Roanoke City Market.

Cat and dog?

Who let the dogs out?

Demented Kyle

Sally and apprehensive friends

Sally can be seen painting faces on the Roanoke City Market at various times of the year. Her website is and e-mail is Of course, not everyone had their face painted today. Some people just put on cute costumes.

Hot Dog

Ann and Fionna

Ann and Fiona

Chloe and Katherine-bubble wrap queen

Gene and Cheryl-that’s me

On The Rise bread store serves brownie treats

After a very long, yet fun day at the market, I met some friends and we headed to Grandin Gardens in Grandin Village for the bi-monthly drumming ceremony given by Polly Branch.


There was a beautiful bonfire lit and we drummed until our hands were numb.

Drums and fire

As I think back on Halloween’s past, I remember the way that we celebrated in my home town of Warren, Ohio. Children trick or treated for a week before Halloween and a week afterward. Woa be it to the the poor families who didn’t have something in the way of candy or cookies to give out each night. Their fate was sealed. It was give treats or pay the penalty of having your house completely covered with toilet paper or even soaped! Sometimes the families got even though. Those glorious days of “Life in the 50’s “ that you so often read about were not as perfect as sometimes presented. I remember one night I received a candied apple on a stick only to discover when I got home that it was really a raw potato covered with red nail polish! Cruel? Well maybe, since a person could get sick by ingesting that ‘treat’ but it doesn’t compare with recent Halloween tricksters serving up needles and poison.

Halloween is still one of my favorite holidays, even though the number of tricksters coming to my door has diminished. This year, for the first time ever, I decided to shake my Halloween celebration up a bit. Drumming by a bonfire and giving homage to the “Day of the Dead” or “Samhain” will be my new tradition!


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  1. Looks like a great time. I almost went to the drumming circle but I had an itch to stitch and stayed home to finish a project. I see some sweet friends in your photos. :)


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