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I saw the cutest contemporary doll in one of the doll books. Tracey Stillwell shows how to create a little doll she named, Clarity. Usually I create everything from scratch with no patterns, but this doll is so endearing, that I had to try to make her. I changed her, of course, into my own style.

Pattern with woven cloth backing

Sewing front to back

I carefully machine embroidered the front and attached it to a woven back.

Embellishments and front of doll

I sculpted the face and attached wires to the top of the head.

She lost her little ear but I can glue it back on

Next I painted the face, stuffed the body and attached the hands and head.

Various hands to choose from

I chose the spiral hands

Suddenly! She came alive!

Felicity having fun

Should I attach one of my favorite sayings to the back side of my little doll like I do to my Philosophy dolls?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I think she would look great hanging from a window or wherever? Maybe I will use a monofilament wire and attach it to her body. She probably should have some friends to join her. I can see I will be very busy with my little dolls over the next week. I wonder what I should call this new series of dolls?

"Mimsy," from fairy series, just went home to a new family a few weeks ago

As with any of my series, I usually have to create several before a name seems appropriate. I’m naming this one in particular, Felicity. I like the way she turned out but, as I always say, “Play it till it Sings” This dolly is cute and almost adorable, but she is not quite singing to me yet. More work, more thinking. The creative spark just hasn’t hit the mark yet. Back to the drawing board, or should I say, studio.

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