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Le Gateau Sans Rival

This recipe comes from my dear mother-in-law, Muriel Corneliusen Dolby. Muriel, better known as “Bana,” was of Norwegian descent and inherited a collection of the family's recipes, most of which are extremely difficult to prepare. This recipe, however, comes from a different source. Muriel was a club woman. I don’t think there are many women who can boast that title today. She belonged to over 30 clubs! Since she attended lunches at most of them, she was able to acquire a vast number of delicious recipes.

One day, she brought me a slice of this amazing treasure. She said she had smuggled it out of her bridge club luncheon in her purse just so I could try it. I was hooked at first bite. It is a bit difficult to prepare but definitely worth the effort.

Be sure the torte is a bit crunchy before assembling

The recipe says there are 8 servings, but this dessert is so rich you can serve at least 16. This just shows how old the recipe really is. We don't eat portions that generous today.

The original, tattered copy of old recipe

I plan on serving this dessert at the drumming ceremony to be held at Woodloft, my home, on Friday night.

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  1. Hi, Cheryl. Awesome to find your site while looking for ways to make Gateau Le Sans Rival easier. It's a very popular Filipino dessert (French origin, though I could not find more info. My aunt taught me to pipe the meringue on the parchment paper. I now use Silpat sheet. Once cool, I flip the Silpat gently and peel away from the wafer thin meringue.

    The recipe above with little variation appeared in Pat Limjuco Dayrit's book, "Favorite Filipino Recipes" first published in 1975.

    If you could share the history of you MIL's recipe (origin), that would be great.

    Thank you!

  2. I'm planning to make Sans Rival this weekend for my Dad's birthday and I'm torn apart between choosing Raw cashews and/or toasted for the Meringue Japonais.. Should I just go with the raw?


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